Here's What Tesla Sees When It's On The Road

Here's What Tesla Sees When It's On The Road

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Tesla Unboxed What does a Tesla car see when driving down the road? The car maker released a video which gives three different views, including two cameras in the rear of the car, and also the front window (where you can see the driver, or the hand-off person in the driver's seat). What's fascinating is seeing how the car determines and categorizes the different objects in its path from joggers to trees, and, yes cars. All Tesla cars will be kitted with the equipment to support full autonomy notes the company.

Cali Smart Home For those who want the easiest way to integrate smart home tools in their space—KB Home wants you to consider starting from scratch. The California-based builder is making Apple HomeKit packages available to new home buyers. Products from door locks to security cameras will be included, and pricing for the homes start in the low $900,000.

Jibo's Late Pass The Jibo robot, which was hyped as having voice recognition, face-recognition and also child-like behavior, is now being pushed back to 2017. The company is reporting connection issues with the router, as well as confusion on how to use the product by those beta-testing the robots, says SlashGear. Jibo was thought to be ready for release this year. But those who invested in the product through Indiegogo are going to have to wait a little longer.

Alexa TextsAmazon Alexa now allows you to send text messages. You can add up to 10 contacts to Alexa, and then send the message via voice—if you have AT&T as your cell provider. Called AT&T Send Message, the feature is now live.

Virtual Ads We spoke with advertising maven Annie Lukowski about the way VR is transforming advertising and marketing. She tells us which ads work better in VR—and why.

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