Tesla Update Expected For The Holidays

Tesla Update Expected For The Holidays

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Tesla Autopilot Tesla owners should expect to see autonomous features rolling out in the next few weeks, according to a tweet from Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk. The upgrades are actually software updates that will be pushed to Tesla owner cars much like a computer software patch. Telsa owners are twitching with excitement over the new update, tagged 8.1, which is expected to include automatic steering, lane change ability and self-parking. While Musk implies the first roll out will happen in December, he also notes that the upgrade will likely take months for all the features to be fully deployed to all users.

Robot Suitcase If you feel wheeling your suitcase through an airport is exhausting, you may want to check out Travelmate. The carry-on sized hard-shell suitcase moves on its own, following you like a robotic dog. The company has an Indiegogo running, asking for $399 for a working suitcase—in the smallest size—by next June.

iCurve That curved iPhone we mentioned recently? Consider the device a possibility for 2017, says The Wall Street Journal. Companies that build parts for Apple are being asked to make more elements for a display that would fit into a curved screen. Apple didn't comment on the report.

Calendar Spam In the meantime, though, Apple might want to first fix something GearBrain has noticed over the past couple of week: calendar spam. Notifications that hit your iCal such as invite to buy Ugg Boots. (Which we got last week just as Black Friday season, uh, Thanksgiving, hit. We're hardly the only ones noticing the problem. Andgiven the potential for this kind of spam to morph into something less innocuous than a sale, Apple may want to pencil something in for a fix.

Indoor Drone We put the new Aerix Vidius HD through its paces recently—specifically inside. Our rating? Let's just say this is one drone you may want to try yourself.

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