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Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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Autonomous Anxiety Three-quarters of Americans do not believe fully autonomous cars will ever be safe according to a new study from consulting firm Deloitte, which surveyed more than 22,000 people in 17 countries to gauge their feelings around autonomous vehicles. Further, almost half, in the U.S., don't think a traditional car maker could ever develop a self-driving car that would come to market. To Deloitte, this is a sign that right now, consumer do not trust the technology—and may not be willing to pay to have the feature in their cars.

Smart Home Arizona A developer in Scottsdale, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix) is installing smart locks, smart thermostats and smart lights into a new rental complex currently being built. Home builders are looking at ways to boost interest by putting smart devices into new houses. Apartments are clearly getting kitted with these features now as well. (Via Phoenix Business Journal)

LG Folder Well, now it's four smartphone makers who have applied for patents that would allow their devices to fold in half. Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia and now LG have all been granted patents that allow screens that fold or bend. Even with four major brands looking at this ability, consumers shouldn't assume a device like this will come to market. (Via BGR)

Facial Recognition A flurry of new rumors are circulating around the new iPhone 8—the next version of Apple's smartphone expected to be released this year. From OLED screens to those that wraparound the body of the smartphone, other details circulating include possible facial recognition technology as well as wireless charging. (Via Apple Insider)

Dark Future Looking to settle in with some science fiction? Author Alexander Weinstein's Children of the New World will take you on a technological ride that's anything but rosy.

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