Uber Leaves San Francisco For Arizona

Uber Leaves San Francisco For Arizona

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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Uber Bonds With Arizona Uber, told to shut down its self-driving service in California, just hopped the border. Yesterday, the car service moved their cars to Arizona, expected to start its testing the cars by the beginning of 2017. California had informed Uber that the company was violating laws which required autonomous cars to register with lawmakers. Uber said that since its cars were self-driving—but not autonomous—it didn't have to register. California authorities pressed the issue, threatening to go to court, and Uber responded by taking away its cars. Uber is testing self-driving technology, with the presumed belief the company will eventually replace its drivers with the feature. (Via The Washington Post)

Smart Home Vet Sure, smart homes are fun with their programmable lights and thermostats. But for some people, the technology makes a genuine uptick of their daily life. One U.S. Army Vet in Woodbury, TN is getting a smart home adapted to his needs which includes major nerve damage to his legs and injuries to his abdomen. (Via WGNS Radio)

Pokémon Go + Apple Watch Pokémon Go has officially launched on the Apple Watch–months after the tech company teased the app at a news event. You can find Pokémon from the app, pick up Poké balls from PokéStops and keep track of how far you're walking. And nope, you don't need your iPhone. Of course the big question is: Are you still playing? (Via TechCrunch)

Defensive Drones Amazon just won a new patent which will allow its drones to react if they're attacked. If Amazon's drones detect any hacking—the drones are prepared to crash themselves, allow likely it will instead try to find a safe place to land. Does the e-tailer expect its drones to be co-opted by nefarious entities? Clearly, yes. (Via Fortune)

Byrd Drone Curious what it's like to fly a serious drone, one that requires a FAA pilot's license? Our drone review Jeremy Wyckoff put the GDU Byrd drone through its paces. His take? Let's just say, it's air-worthy.

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