Rolling Robots That Roam Your Body

Rolling Robots That Roam Your Body

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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Wearable Robots MIT and Stanford Researchers have developed robots that don't just get worn on your body—they move around. These watch-sized robots are shown crawling across a chest and even an arm, with proposed uses including forming a light for an evening bike ride or rolling up your sleeve if you get warm. Will people want robots crawling along them like mini insects? (Via The Technews)

Tesla $8K Want Tesla's self-driving feature in your new car? Be prepared to shell out an extra $8,000. For those buying a Tesla, that extra cost is unlikely to sting. But just in case, Tesla is implying that the self-driving feature could be put to use through a riding network ala Uber or Lyft, but perhaps run by Tesla. Will customers be willing to send their cars off to work while they're not using it? That is a question only consumers will be able to answer—and one we'll be watching closely. (Via The Wall Street Journal)

DJI Delay Remember the DJI Mavic Pro? DJI was supposed to start shipping the $1,000 foldable drone by October 15—last week. But the drone has yet to leave the building. Instead, buyers are reporting that they've been told they won't get their drones until the end of this month, and possibly by November. Even DJI admits it's having some issues on its web site. No word on whether those issues will extend past the holidays—and how buyers may react then. (Via Gizmodo)

Wrist Scan Carnegie Mellon students have hacked a LG Watch that can tell what you're holding in your hand. The watch picks up on electronic vibrations determining if you're grasping a guitar or a power drill. (Via Wearable)

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