Xiaomi Drone Could Be Watching You

Xiaomi Drone Could Be Watching You

Gear Up On Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Tuesday

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Drone LeaksRumors continue to fly about Xiaomi's new drone, set for unveiling May 25, tomorrow. In this brief leaked video, the all-white quadcopter appears to have a moving high definition camera, potentially able to shoot 4K video, with additional chatter that the drone might be controlled via a fitness tracker. Just one more day before Xiaomi lets the drone take flight at 7 pm local time in China, which is 7 am EDT.

VR Audio Just as visual imagery moves into the virtual space, so too are developers looking to develop audio that has 3D qualities as well. Facebook (aka Oculus's owner) is among this group, recently purchasing Two Big Ears, an audio company focusing on audio that works in both augmented and virtual reality sending sound that's directional—much like the way we actually hear. Even better? The tech, tagged Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation, is now available for free.

Trust Scores Hate remembering all of your passwords? Would you feel more comfortable being assigned a trust score instead? Google is working to develop just such a data metric that would always be running, and know you are you. Google announced the details at its I/O conference and says the API should be ready for Android developers to use by the end of 2016. (via The Verge.)

Schedule A Lyft Car sharing service Lyft now allows riders to schedule a pickup in advance—a feature missing from many of the on-demand car apps. (Lyft competes with Uber, Arro and Way-2-Ride to name just a few.) The feature goes live first in San Francisco, and will let riders schedule a ride up to 24 hours in advance.

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