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These are the 10 most popular emoji during the Covid-19 pandemic

Globally, only two of the top 10 emoji we've used so far in 2020 are sad.

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As Covid-19 appeared around the world, people spent more time indoors, social distancing. Our use of technology skyrocketed, from Zoom weddings to Netflix movie parties — to using emoji to express our feelings.

Even as we hunkered down indoors, our mood has remained fairly upbeat, if the emoji we've sent say anything about us. Facemoji Keyboard culled through the top 10 emoji around the globe and found the ones that we turned to the most as of May 31, 2020, in their 2020 State of Emoji report.

Facemoji KeyboardFacemoji Keyboard's Global Top 10 emoji as of May 31, 2020Facemoji Keyboard

The top 10 are a mix of laughing faces and those that express some sentiment of love. We're sending kisses, chuckling until tears come from our eyes — and even feeling a bit romantic.

The only two sad emoji in the top 10, include a crying face in 6th place, and the crestfallen sad face in 10th. The remaining faces include a cherubic smile, at 9th, a full smile at 8th, and a grinning face, with a bit of sweat, at 7th.

That's not to say the coronavirus hasn't been on our mind. Use of the microbe emoji, that green pointy figure, shot up more than 69,000 percent since last year, and the face mask emoji is now up nearly 9,000 percent.

Facemoji Keyboard is only able to track the use of emoji that's type trough their Android and iOS apps. So this doesn't take into account any emoji typed into a Facebook post, or sent through iMessage — unless it went through their app.

Apple/EmojipediaApple's rendition of its newest emojiApple/Emojipedia

Emoji are a shorthand way to express feelings and thoughts, and new emojis appear annually. While the new emoji list for 2020 was announced in January, each company can design these a bit differently including Android and iOS. Apple has announced its latest, via Emojipedia, including how the new boomerang, bubble tea and heart will look ahead.

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