3D Movies Just Got a 21st Century Face Lift

3D Movies Just Got a 21st Century Face Lift

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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3D, No GlassesMIT just cracked the 3D problem—how to bring depth without the heinous, uncomfortable plastic glasses. The solution? A new screen that lets everyone view 3D from anywhere they sit. Called Cinema 3D, the technology may seem common place as people have had 3D television sets in their home for awhile. But on a larger screen, and with people sitting at multiple different distances and angles, MIT's development is new. Now if they can only get the system into movie theaters, and quickly.

UK Okays Amazon Drones Amazon got the green light to start testing its drone delivery system in Britain on packages just 5 pounds or less. (This is the weight of apparently 90 percent of Amazon's sales.) The drones will be required to fly no higher than 400 feet, and stay away from the flight paths of airlines. (Via The Guardian)

Ford Connects Ford is making sure you'll always be connected to apps and the internet while you're in the driver's seat. Every new car in 2017 will come pre-loaded with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and also Ford's Sync 3. Ford rolled out Sync 3 in 2015—but only recently linked up with Android Auto. Entertainment and apps are expected to come through Apple and Android's app, while the actual car commands will be controlled through Sync 3. (Via Fortune)

Transit Delays For those living in big cities—and commuting by mass transit—Google Maps may be a permanent feature on your smartphone. Google is starting to add mass transit delays to its maps feature, letting users know if certain lines are working well, or are experiencing slowdowns. Travelers visiting urban areas may find this a welcome add too. Google is also rolling out a Wi-Fi only mode (and a data saver.) If you haven't see this arrive in your app, just give it some time. (Via Android Police)

Darting Drone Looking for a mini-drone that includes a camera, video transmitter and a removable battery (for extra flight time?) GearBrain spent some time flying the Aerix Black Talon and has the drop on how this drone fared.

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