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7 best beach gadgets for your day in the sun

Stay cool and connected with these essential smart devices that work at the beach, pool side or even in your cabana.

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A day at the beach can help us unplug; after the past few months, I believe everyone can use it. Taking a day off doesn't mean we also have to be unconnected. These seven devices can keep our drinks cold, the music flowing, and the air cool around us. They range in price, and all can be used wirelessly on the sand or help keep your existing devices protected from the sea, sun, and salt.

Bluetooth Cooler and Sound System —$399.99

Bluetooth Cooler and Sound SystemThis cooler can play music wirelessly over Bluetooth Bluetooth Cooler and Sound System

This Bluetooth Cooler and Sound System from the Sharper Image has a hefty sticker price, but it can do almost everything. Besides keeping your drinks and food cool on the sand inside its 40-quart capacity cooler, it can play music wirelessly over Bluetooth or a USB stick. Plus, there's a power bank inside with two USB ports, which can keep the music playing for 16 hours.

RC Beer Truck Cooler

a photo of RC Beer Truck Cooler  with remote controlRC Beer Truck Cooler comes with a remote control to take your beverages from the car to the sand.Sharper Image

If you already have a Bluetooth waterproof speaker and just need help getting your beverages from the car to the sand, how about a cooler on wheels that comes with a remote control? Check out the RC Beer Truck Cooler, a remote-controlled truck that can hold up to 30 cans of beer and ice. It is made of durable materials and has a built-in speaker, so you can listen to music while you cruise around. The truck also has a working tailgate, so you can easily access your drinks.

The RC Beer Truck Cooler is perfect for the beach, parties, tailgates, and other events. It is a fun and unique way to serve your guests and will surely be a hit with everyone. And it can easily travel on the sand.

The RC Beer Truck Cooler is available for purchase on the C3 Custom Coolers website or Sharper Image. It is priced at $449.99, but you can pick it up today on Shaper Image for only $359.99.

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JBLThe battery on the JBL Clip 3 lasts ten hoursJBL

JBL Clip 3 — $50

It's not hard to find a Bluetooth speaker, but the JBL Clip 3 stands out for a beach excursion because it's waterproof, small, and can be clipped to your bag or even a beach umbrella. The battery also lasts up to 10 hours.

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Aquio — $60

Aquio water bottleThe Aquio water bottle is also a Bluetooth wireless speakerAquio

Another option? The $60 Aquio water bottle has a rechargeable Bluetooth wireless speaker and holds 16.9 ounces of liquid. The lithium battery on the speaker can hold up to an eight-hour charge as well.

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Bluetooth headphones

a photo of Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless HeadphonesSkullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones GearBrain

Every beachgoer needs a good pair of Bluetooth headphones. Earbuds can work, but I think over-the-ears are better for the beach. You will have no interference from the wind and can shut out your friends if needed. Skullcandy's Crusher Evo True Wireless headphones are a good pair to get. They are a great sounding over-the-ear headphones and come in standard colors or, if you want, a stylish Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo headphones. They cost $209.99 but have great sound. The regular Crusher Evo headphones go for $199.99 and are available on the company site or Amazon.

Read our full review here.

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Waterproof cases for Apple Watch

Catalyst Apple Watch Case for version 7 sand 8A waterproof case can keep your wearables safe while enjoying a day in the water. Works with Apple Watch 7 and 8.Catalyst

Before heading to the beach, it's not a bad idea to ensure your devices are protected — this time from water. Catalyst makes a whole line of waterproof cases for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. For example, the Catalyst Apple Watch 8 & 7 waterproof cases start around $50. Or pack a bunch of gear into a Yeti SideKick Dry Waterproof Case, which can hold your phone and your wallet, keys, and more. It starts at $50.

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Coleman One Source Multi-Speed Fan — $57

Coleman One Source Multi-Speed FanThis Coleman fan can clip to an umbrella or stand up on a beach towelColeman

This Coleman fan is small enough to clip onto your umbrella or stand on a beach blanket. What's nice is that it's got a rechargeable battery, which means the fan can work wirelessly while you're out in the sun. (And yep, you can also take this camping.)

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