a photo of Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones

Skullcandy and Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphone Review

Skullcandy and Burton's new designer wireless headphones come with a cool design and a personal sound experience based on your hearing capabilities.

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One of the popular wireless headphones users wear today are not earbuds but over-the-ear headphones. These headphones offer better sound quality, are more comfortable for long periods, and can block out external noise more effectively than earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation. And some of these new headphones have cool designs, making them an excellent accessory for your appearance. We got the chance to test such a colorful headphone by Skullcandy and Burton called Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones. And here is our review.

What are Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones?

a photo of Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones unboxed Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones unboxedGearBrain

These are the first wireless headphones between these two companies. They are over-the-ear wireless headphones that can deliver powerful deep bass and an immersive sound experience. They come with cool design elements typically found in Burton snowboards and outerwear, as well as the signature Crusher Adjustable Sensory Bass technology in Skullcandy headphones.

The Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, are IPX4 water resistance, have 40 hours of battery life, Rapid Charge technology, built-in Tile technology, touch controls, and customizable EQ, which is available in the Skullcandy app (iOS and Android). The headphones come with multi-point pairing and a matching travel bag.

One unique feature of these headphones is their audio drivers that use "haptic technology" to help users "feel the music." This is unique to Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones. It's how they can power their Crusher Sensory Bass feature. For those who don't know what haptic technology is, here is a simple explanation: it is a type of feedback technology that uses touch to simulate physical sensations. It can be used to create a more immersive experience for users, and it can also be used to improve safety and productivity.

a photo of Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless HeadphonesSkullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless HeadphonesGearBrain

Smart Home Integrations

Suppose you have any smart devices that work with Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant. In that case, you can use voice commands with Skullcandy headphones when connected to your smartphonPressress the main button twice on the headphones to access Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants. This will allow you to use voice commands on your compatible smart devices or other features on your smartphone.

Skullcandy App

If you have read my headphone reviews, you would know I like to be able to control the sound mix in the headphone or earbuds. Many headphones and earbuds don't offer this feature, but Skullcandy does. Their app, which is for iOS and Android mobile devices, has many worthy features. Users can adjust the music mix or select one of the three preset modes: Music, Podcast, and Movie. But I liked the Personal Sound test you can take to help you find the perfect sound mix in the Skullcandy headphones for your ears. We took the test, and there is a noticeable difference in the sound once Skullcandy learns your hearing capabilities. It can also help you keep track of the headphone battery life.

a screenshot of Skullcandy app dashboardusers can use Skullcandy app to find their headphones or adjust the sound mix in the headphonesGearBrain

How much do Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo Sensory Bass Headphones cost?

These Skullcandy Burton over-the-ear headphones have an MSRP of $209.99 and are available on the company website. They also are available in one color, Naughty Nature. If you don't like the color, Skullcandy does offer Skullcandy Crusher Evo with Sensory Bass headphones in solid colors, like True Black or Chill Grey, for only $199.99. These headphones are sold on the company website, Amazon, Best Buy, and consumer electronic outlets.

Is this a good price? The price for these designer headphones is high. A good pair of wireless over-the-ear headphones cost around $100-$125, but many will not allow you to personally adjust the sound mix in the headphones using their app. Many don't offer any EQ capabilities or sound mix adjustments. Skullcandy's Crusher Evo headphones do. This allows them to offer a great sound experience on par with high-end wireless headphones by Sony, Bose, and Beats. And sometimes with a cool design by Burton.

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How to set up your Skullcandy Burton headphones.

Setup is quick and easy for these over-the-ear headphones. First, unbox the headphones and download the Skullcandy app. Once you downloaded the app and created an account, power on your headphones. Then follow the pairing process in the app to connect the headphones to your mobile device using Bluetooth. Once your headphones are paired, you can begin setting the sound mix or EQ using the sound test feature in the app. The test takes a few minutes, but you will get a better proper experience.

Screenshot of Skullcandy app's Personal Sound TestTake a personal sound test to adjust Skullcandy headphones.GearBrain


How well did the Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo Wireless headphones perform? They did great. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. The design was cool but only available in one color. It would be nice to see more color choices. Even the Skullcandy Crusher Evo wireless headphones come in only two colors.

If you are a snowboarder who likes to wear over-the-ear headphones when snowboarding, you will need to check to see if these headphones will fit under your helmet. It will depend on the size of your head and ski helmet. The Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones have a relatively large earbud design, so they may not fit comfortably underneath a ski helmet. For our test, they did not fit under the helmet.

We liked how the Skullcandy headphones are foldable and come with a nice travel bag that can fit in your Ski or snowboarding bag. But the app was our favorite feature because it helped us get the perfect immersive sound out of the headphones that fit our listening needs. And the manual adjusting slider for the bass sound in the headphones came in handy for those tunes we wanted to really feel the music.

screenshot of personal sound test results in Skullcandy appResults of our Personal Sound test in Skullcandy appGearBrain


Overall, the Skullcandy Burton Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones are an excellent option for anyone looking for a pair of wireless headphones with a cool design, powerful bass, long battery life, and various features which provide a personal sound experience based on your hearing capabilities. And it's a good deal, whether you are a snowboarder or not, to get these headphones at the price point Skullcandy and Burton offer.


  • Person Sound test to get a custom sound experience
  • Find with Tile built-in
  • Rapid charge - about one hour


  • Price
  • limited designs

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