Airthings My Pollen Level

Airthings now delivers live pollen levels inside its app

The new feature is timed for Allergy Awareness Week

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Airthings, a maker of air quality monitors, is adding a new feature to its app, one that delivers live pollen counts for the user's location. The update comes just as Allergy Awareness Week starts next week on April 26, a seasonal time when pollen can leave people with symptoms like that of a cold, or worse.

Through the Airthings app, users can tap into the new My Pollen Levels section, which delivers insight on their local pollen levels. The app isn't using any Airthings hardware to do this, but is pulling data from BreezoMeter, which then ranks local pollen by type, including tree, grass and weed. With this data, users can be better informed about how to ventilate their home, or close the windows when pollen levels are particularly high.

Airthings My Pollen LevelData breaks down pollen details down to the kind of treeAirthings

Data comes courtesy of BreezoMeter, a company that looks at pollen models and analysis to deliver a local reading. And the pollen levels are broken down in detail, so it's not just one number but several, to the point of knowing what kind of tree pollen may be at a high level that day. Data is color coded too, with green being a low level, yellow reading at moderate and red as high. And the levels are scaled from a low of one to a high of five.

Norway-based Airthings makes a number of air quality monitors, for both home and business use, all designed to help track and improve the air quality indoors. These include radon detectors like the Wave Plus, and more compact air quality monitors like the Wave Mini, a small smoke alarm-sized device that reads data including humidity, temperature and chemicals or VOCs of the indoor air in a space.

"By providing people with real-time pollen data in any location as well as regional trends with a map overview, we can help them manage their exposure and significantly improve their health," said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings in a statement. "We're excited to offer this feature to all customers of Airthings' smart products and to empower them to breathe better."

My Pollen Levels is available now, and will work on all Airthings devices including the Wave family and the View Plus line too. The company says additional features are coming in the near future as well.

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