Will Your iPhone Have Augmented Reality?

Will Your iPhone Have Augmented Reality?

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Augmented Apple Apple has won a patent for an augmented reality (AR) ability that would be wired into the iPhone, and be able to overlay details over video. Apple filed for the patent in 2010 (it takes awhile for patents to process) which mentions being able to show locations, and distances, from where a user is standing. Many experts believe AR will be adopted by more consumers—and used more regularly—than virtual reality tools.

Echodyne Radar Echodyne—a radar technology company—passed a first test, the company says, in detecting and avoiding drones using its tech. Echosyne (backed by Microsoft's Bill Gates) uses radar so drones can see objects as they're flying and not hit them—and even if the device is out of eyesight of the pilot. The test flight happened over several days, with the commercial drone flying under 400-feet.

Used iPhones Apple finally started selling used, reconditioned iPhones in its shop online. They come with a one-year warranty but even better: they're unlocked so you can use them with any carrier you want. At last glance you could get a iPhone 6 s with 16GB for $449. Yes, free shipping and free returns.

Pokémon Go Pokémon Go has bumped up spawn rates (the frequency that the creatures show up as you move around) with PokéStops also churning out even more goodies now until Nov. 11. (That's Friday.) Yes, interest in the game has fallen off the cliff. But those still playing the game are a devoted fandom. Which is why Pokémon Go continues to push out new updates and themed events like the Thanksgiving rumors floating around. Stay tuned.

Z-Wave Cheatsheet Curious how to build your smart home space on Z-Wave? (And why you should consider Z-Wave in the first place?) We have the details on products and categories that work with the protocol.

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