Apple macOS Catalina install is causing a lot of trouble

Apple macOS Catalina install is causing a lot of trouble

Having issues with the installation of Catalina? You're hardly alone

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Apple's latest macOS is one of the more awaited operating systems updates in recent years. The system brings new apps — hello Apple Podcasts and Apple Music ‚ along with new ways to use our computer including the simplest way to duplex, and create a double screen, ever.

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Catalina is a large download, that is not only a time commitment, it's creating a time loss as well. Complaints in the hours since Catalina appeared have included downloads that freeze to apps that won't install, to formats that are harming people's ability to work.

Apple's new operating system Catalina is causing enough problems that many are waiting to download macOS 10.15Apple

When GearBrain installed Catalina this week, we also had a problem — finding that the install got stuck. After downloading the 8+ GB file, the download kept spinning, for more than an hour, and wouldn't complete. We had to crash our computer and restart it, by holding down the power button, which seemed to work. (At least, we have a working computer right now.) That method got the computer to push through the download. But other complaints have been specific to certain apps and formats people use.

XML woes

Apple dropped the XML file support when it shut down iTunes. Apple Music, where your tracks are now stored, uses a different format. But DJs, for example, have used XML because it does can work with software they use for mixing tracks. Apple pushed out a fix, reportedly — which did not work. The upshot? Apple is suggesting people not update to Catalina if they need the XML files, the company told The Verge.

Apple added new features with Catalina, but there are problems as well.Apple

32- vs 64-bit

Apple's macOS will now longer support 32-bit apps with the Catalina update. Previous versions of the Mac operating system, including Mojave, did allow people to use 32-bit apps. Now? That's over. What does that include? Adobe, unfortunately.

One way to check if you still have 32-bit apps on your Mac, which aren't going to open now, is to check:

  • Go into the Apple menu on the top left of your computer.
  • Open 'About this Mac'
  • Click on 'System Report'
  • Scroll down to 'Legacy Software'
  • If you have 32-bit programs on your computer, they'll appear there

For anyone who has not updated to Catalina yet — and is heavily dependent on apps that they're concerned may have issues — waiting to install macOS 10.15 may be a smart move for now.

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