Apple nabs yet another AR patent

Apple nabs yet another AR patent

Apple patents a new augmented reality ability.

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Apple Glass Apple earned a new patent which would overlay information on to a smartphone screen (i.e augmented reality) but also specifically mentions smart glasses as one way to read or deliver this data. Patently Apple first uncovered the patent which was filed just in April —sometimes it takes years for a patent to be awarded. Nor are patents product announcements: in fact sometimes the service, ability or gadget described inside the paper never makes it to market.

But this is hardly Apple's first foray into augmented reality. Apple earned an AR patent for an ability to show how far, or close, someone is standing from an object, back in November. Clearly, though, Apple is focused on AR. Well-known tech blogger Robert Scoble, and AR evangelist, believes Apple's foray into AR is even going to disrupt virtual reality.

The new patent shows AR viewed through a smartphone (presumably an iPhone) but also through a pair of glasses, using the phone to interact potentially with the virtual imagery. When either or both show up, is never something to bet on with Apple. But AR on your smartphone? That future is already here.

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