Apple's self-driving car seen on the road

Apple's self-driving car seen on the road

Apple's self-driving Lexus has been spied in Silicon Valley

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i Spy Apple's self-driving test car has been found in its natural habitat: on the road in Silicon Valley. Bloomberg captured images of the vehicle, a while Lexus RX450h kitted with giant sensors on the top of the car, on the sides and in front. The news site says that the sensors appear to be what's called "off-the-shelf" devices, including Velodyne Lidar sensors, and not ones specially designed by—and for—Apple.

Apple's self-driving car project seems a little behind its competitors, as GearBrain reported earlier this week. Apple has recently stepped up its commitment, hiring engineers from NASA who reportedly have PhD's in robotics. These new hires are also serving as drivers inside the vehicles, as discovered via permit approvals from California state.

The Cupertino, CA-based company is actually rumored to be actually testing software—and not a fully developed self-driving piece of hardware. In other words, this could be more an iTunes play, rather than an iCar.

iPhone charger Who isn't sick of their charging cords lying about at home and at work. Wireless charging may be available for some Android users. But iPhone owners have yet to enjoy that drop and go functionality. Wireless charging, though, is being hinted at as an upcoming feature for the new iPhone (which of course has yet to be announced by Apple.) But @OnLeaks tweeted out a sketch of a potentially new iPhone that could illustrate wireless charging ability. If it's true. But at least it's fun to imagine.

City slickers Smart home devices are certainly fun to use. Smart thermostats, smart garage door openers and connected video doorbells automate and add new layers to the way we engage at home and with others—except when we can't. For those who live in apartments, or are renters who don't have permission to change the hardware in their home, smart home devices can be fun to look at, but out of reach. Smart home device makers know this, and it's one issue they addressed this week during a panel featuring Honeywell, Chamberlain, IFTTT and others.

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