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Best Connected Smart Thermostats To Help You Keep Your Cool

Stay cool or turn up the heat the smart and savvy way with any of these smart connected thermostats for your smart home.

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Last Updated: May 8, 2019

Keeping your home at the perfect temperature is part of comfortable and cozy living. Too cold, and you're shivering with teeth a-chatter, and too warm, and it feels like you may as well be outside in the sweltering sun.

A smart thermostat is the key to a home that, as Goldilocks would appreciate, is just right. When it comes to choosing your connected thermostat, you're just a few degrees away from selecting the best option for your home, thanks to this list of top picks. Save money, energy, and time wasted feeling uncomfortable with a connected thermostat that fits your needs and budget.

a product shot of ecobee3 smart thermostatEcobee3ecobee


$250 is a fair price for all the Wi-Fi-enabled Ecobee3 can do for your home. The Ecobee3 has a full-color LCD touchscreen, which is as intuitive as a smartphone. It can read temperatures not only for the room it's in but for others around the home as well. When a room isn't occupied, the device can tell and saves energy by adjusting the temperature. The thermostat also learns your habits and patterns to ensure you and your family are always comfortable, even if you don't adjust every time you need a few degree changes. The Ecobee3 can also be monitored from anywhere, even if you aren't home, with the touch of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. All connections are secure, and the product meets 'green' standards. Ecobee3 will make your home a temperature-controlled environment that will suit your needs regardless of season.

a photo of nest smart thermostatNest smart thermostatNest

Nest Learning Thermostat

At just $249, Nest is a smart investment for any home. The device auto-schedules once the thermostat learns your preferences, turns down when you leave the home to save energy, lights up when you enter a room to alert you of the time, weather, indoor temperature, and much more. The thermostat connects easily to Wi-Fi and can be controlled easily and precisely from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The Nest will control up to 20 thermostat zones in a home and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery."

Just note that Google will terminate support for IFTTT (and likely Alexa, too) on August 31, 2019. Google folded Nest back into the company in 2018, and as of May 7, 2019, said it will be closing its Works with Nest platform, ending interactions between all Nest devices and systems like IFTTT. Instead, Automation will be handled by Google's Works with Google Assistant program. Nest buyers will now also have to create their own Google account if they do not already have one.

a product shot os Sensi smart thermostatSensi smart thermostatSensi


Sensi is a smart choice for a reasonable $129.99 regarding programmable smart thermostat technology. You can custom set a week's heating or cooling preferences for your home and control any changes you'd like to make via a smartphone app (iOS or Android). The Sensi will not only manage temperature but also sensor humidity and provide local weather information so you can pre-set the device accordingly. The screen is big, bright, and easy to read, operates universally with HVAC systems, and has precision control of +/- 1 degree.

a photo of Honeywell smart Wi-Fi thermostatHoneywell Wi-Fi smart thermostatResideo

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

For approximately $175, the Honeywell is a well-built thermostat that's easy to use, bright, and simple to set up. The thermostat also works with Alexa, with no hub required. You can set up a 7-day temperature schedule in advance, and the device will alert you to any changes in temperature inside the home on its bold color LCD interface. Check indoor and outdoor temps and humidity from the gadget itself or via the smartphone app (Android or iOS). Save on heating and cooling bills with the energy save option and customize the screen to match your home's décor.

If you need help installing one of these smart thermostats, HomeAdvisor.com is the place to go to find a local, trusted professional. Click here to find one in your area.

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