Apple hires NASA engineers for self-driving car project

Apple hires NASA engineers for self-driving car project

Yes, Apple's still working on a self-driving car.

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Rocket Scientists Apple remains hard at work on its self-driving car project—and has hired some extra hands from NASA, according to a story from the Wall Street Journal. The Cupertino, CA-based company is putting the engineers have reported PhDs in robotics and are being put to work on three Lexus cars. The information came via a permit issued by California dated April 14.

While Apple may seem to be quite late to the game in getting a self-driving trial underway. Yet the company has a history of developing devices after others have put their's to market. The key? Apple's succeed. Case in point: Apple was hardly the first with a personal computer, nor first with a smartphone or even a smartwatch. And yet the Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch are considered game changers in the marketplace. Even with Apple's seeming tardy to the self-driving car race, counting the company seems perhaps premature.

Google Halo Google has a virtual reality camera set-up—with 17 cameras—called Halo, according to MIT Technology Review. No, it's extremely unlikely consumers will end up using this device as the price tag alone of $17,000 will be a deterrent. The camera shoots live-action and is geared for the movie industry, which is slowly growing more smitten with VR in the past year. Google is developing the camera with a Chinese company, Yi, which is now registering users for its early purchase program.

Get Scared Looking for a little terror? A chance to be terrified? We have quite a few options for some virtual reality chills and thrills with this overview of VR horror apps that you can play with a Google Cardboard headset. Rest assured, we have options for both iOS and Android devices.

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