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Aura Air Helping Building Owners Manage Air Purification with new Web Platform

Aura Air’s New B2B Platform Provides Building Management with Air Quality Management, Maintenance and Insights to Enable Highest Standards of Indoor Air Quality.

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Smart air purifiers have been popular for years with smart homes. These smart devices monitor your air quality inside your home and let you know the air is bad after they purified it. One of the leading companies who manufacturers smart air purifiers is Aura Air. We have tested their products in real homes and like their technology. At CES, the company announced they are bringing their smart air purification solution to building owners this year along with a new partnership which can help also monitor the outside air at the same time.

Today, Aura Air launched the Aura Web Platform, an enterprise solution for businesses to maintain the highest standards of indoor air quality in public spaces. This new platform offers an extensive set of tools for businesses to manage and monitor multiple Aura Air purification systems at once by controlling every aspect of indoor air quality.

Screen Shot of Aura Web Platform Aura Air's Web Platform provides building managers a view of the air quality inside and outside your buildingAura Air

With the Aura Web Platform, users have access to insights, alerts and recommendations in real-time that enable them to take immediate action and proactively improve and maintain indoor health and safety. Additionally, they can set rules to automate devices, saving on energy while maintaining a clean work environment.

“As the workforce slowly returned to the office, kids headed back to school and travel and entertainment commenced, air purifiers became an integral part of keeping public spaces safe,” said Roei Friedberg, CEO Aura Americas. “It is now clear with new ominous variants coming in waves that the need for safe air will go nowhere but only intensify and businesses that do not take this seriously will fall behind. With the launch of the Aura Web Platform, we want to offer a plug and play, trusted solution to help keep air safe and healthy in a seamless and intuitive way.”

The dashboard presents a full picture of both indoor and outdoor AQI. Aura Air has partnered with to power the outdoor air quality real-time data and gain insights and recommendations that provide a full air quality picture. Businesses will now be able to plan their week in advance by learning about upcoming road conditions and unhealthy air quality to create a smart and effective workflow. Current clients utilizing the enterprise platform include Molex, BHP, and CARR Properties among others.

Screenshot of Aura Air Web PlatformScreenshot of Aura Web Platform ViewsAura Air

Key features of the Aura Web Platform include:

  • Aura Rating: a unique system that helps customers improve their overall air quality by tracking CO, CO2, VOC, PM.2.5, PM10 and climate. The Aura Rating will help set the industry standard for healthy indoor environments.
  • Aura Views: a variety of widgets that can be publicly displayed in various locations to highlight indoor and outdoor AQI and weather. Each user can personalize their views and even add a business video or website for display alongside the air quality widgets.
  • API: The interface gives users the ability to manage and control their organization’s Aura Air devices in real-time and enables third-party integrations with building management systems or other services.
  • Analytics (coming in Q1): customized segmentation and data-driven insights that can be used to enhance business intelligence.

With over 1 million square feet of air purified, Aura Air is helping provide clean air for hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, government offices, nursing homes and residential buildings in more than 50 countries across the world.

Aura Air Recognitions

Two recent independent trials, one by Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory and one by Sheba Medical Center, a leading Israeli medical facility (one of the top 10 hospitals in the world), confirmed that Aura Air successfully managed to filter and remove 99.9% of airborne SARS-Cov-2.

Aura Air hanging from the wall in a homeAura Air monitors and purifiers the air in your home Aura Air

Aura Air has also been recently honored by Frost & Sullivan with a Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in the indoor air quality monitoring industry. The Frost & Sullivan award recognizes Aura Air's forward-looking approach, elegant and technology-integrated products, and excellent implementation of its customer-centric strategy. In addition, the company was recently the recipient of Realcomm's Digie Award for Best Tech Innovation Intelligent Buildings in the Wellness Tech category. Aura was honored by Realcomm, the global real estate research and educational institution, for its smart air purification and monitoring system that offers air filtration at the edge for the connected building marketplace.

GearBrain likes this move by Aura Air. Their platform will provide building owners with the insights on the air quality inside the building which can help purify it in real time. We also like the partnership with Adding in their data on the air quality outside your smart home or building is something we have not seen with smart air purifiers or air purification systems. And it makes a lot of sense since you don’t want to open your window to get better circulation inside your home when the air outside might be just as bad.

Check out The GearBrain, our smart home compatibility find engine to see the other compatible products that Aura Air works with including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

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