Learn how to install your own DIY smart home security system during our next Facebook Live

Learn how to install your own DIY smart home security system during our next Facebook Live

Think you can't put together your own at-home security? We'll show you all the tools you'll need Tuesday Sept. 18th at 2 pm ET.

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Home security is something everyone thinks about — whether you're a home owner or you live in an apartment. Some spaces come with built-in security systems such as intercoms, a doorman or a maybe it's just a large, barking dog.

Most people associate more advanced security systems with a high price tag — along with people who have to install a number of devices, such as security cameras, and then monitor them for you. But, there are a number of gadgets you can set up in a weekend, and link together to create a fairly robust home security network all on your own.

During our Facebook Live, on Tuesday Sept 18th at 2 pm ET, we're going to walk you through some our favorite, and tested, devices that you can buy and install by yourself. Called DIY, or do-it-yourself, these kind of products are meant to be easy enough to put into your space on your own. Think of smart locks, smart video doorbells and security cameras that can be controlled from inside your home — and also while you're away from a remote app.

There are also packages sold by companies that you can still install alone, but then have a company monitor them for you. Whatever you're most comfortable with — monitoring your own devices or having someone you can contact when you need them — there's a system for you.

Join us to hear more on GearBrain's Facebook page and bring your questions, which you can ask live, and we'll walk you through some options tailored just for your living situation, and your budget.

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