Best Smart Dog and Cat Feeders

Best Smart Dog and Cat Feeders

Pets want high-tech gear too

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Gone are the days when the only way to feed a pet was to pour some kibble into a bowl and announce that dinner is served. In today's highly connected world, even Fido and Fluffy get to enjoy the benefits of smart technology. These smart pet feeders will not only have tails wagging, but are likely to delight their humans too.

Feed and Go

Feed and Go is just what your pet wants out of a smart feeder, and you will too. For about $250, this device is not only a feeder, but a webcam with Wi-Fi. While the majority of pet feeders only dish out dry food, the Feed and Go dispenses wet food as well, plus medication. The feeder connects through Wi-Fi quickly, and with the built-in camera, owners can keep an eye on their pet via a Windows, Android and iOS smartphone. Feed and Go is can be controlled remotely and owners can even record audio of themselves to greet their pet with a pre-meal friendly hello. Six servings can be held at one time (air-tight) of up to a full cup of food per serving. You can also set Feed and Go on a timer or release food at your convenience.

Pro Bowl

Obe's Pro Bowl is a smart dog bowl, and a solid choice for pet owners eager who want to make sure their dog or cat is actually eating and drinking their food. (That's one way to know if they're starting to get sick, or sad.) The app allows you to see when a pet last drank or nibbled on their kibble. It can also be shared with a pet sitter so they can know your pet's feeding schedule while you're away. Even more smart? Obe is now part of the Amazon's Dash Replenishment System (DRS), automatically re-ordering food for you. The device starts at $99 per bowl.

Hoison Smart Feeder

Any modern pet would absolutely adore the $200 Hoison. Hey, he's not paying, right? But this system is seriously smart with its LCD light dispenser, electronic timer, and smart phone app connectivity which works with both iOS and Android devices. The feeder connects to Wi-Fi and can be controlled from anywhere in the world, so you'll know your pet won't go hungry if you need to be away. There's even a built-in camera which the user can control from the app to see if their pet has eaten, and a speaker through which an owner can send a message to their pet. The app monitors food patterns and sends suggestions for portion size and feeding times.

Petnet Smart Feeder

Close to $250, this smart feeder goes well beyond simply dispensing food portions. ThePetnet Smart Feeder is compatible with an iPhone that runs iOS 8 or higher. Feeding times and portions and even ingredients plus home food delivery are all manageable via the Petnet app. Petnet can hold up to 7lbs of food and is easy to clean. The app will notify you when your pet has eaten and if the feeder needs to be refilled. And if the Wi-Fi goes out, the feeder will still work as programmed. You can even get insight into what your pet's favorite food is — and the calories they're consuming daily.

Is your pet drooling yet? Feed that furry face the smart way with a "best of" smart feeder selection.

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