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Revolutionize Your Security: Introducing Blink Moments

Streamline and Enhance Your Video Viewing Experience with Blink's New Automated Clip Compilation Feature

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If you own a security camera, one of the biggest dilemmas is what to do with all the video footage your camera records. Today, Blink, an Amazon company, is introducing a new way to utilize your videos and pictures with the unveiling of Blink Moments, a groundbreaking feature designed to enhance the video viewing experience for its users. Blink Moments automatically compiles clips captured across multiple Blink cameras into a seamless, streamlined video. This new feature aims to provide Blink customers with an easier and more engaging way to interact with their footage.

The Need for Blink Moments

In today's connected homes, security and surveillance are paramount. Blink cameras have become popular, with an average of three cameras per household. These cameras generate hundreds of motion events, creating a vast amount of footage. Manually scrolling through each individual clip to find significant moments can be tedious and time-consuming. Blink Moments addresses this issue by combining various clips into one condensed and coherent story. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall viewing experience.

"The Blink app is core to the customer experience, and we've invested in making it easier and more intuitive, from modernizing our home screen to reinventing our clip list. Moments is a whole new way for our customers to engage with their footage," said Jonathan Cohn, head of product at Blink. "Whether it's their family playing outside, packages being delivered, or pets exploring the yard, Blink Moments combines the moments that matter into one video."

a screenshot of Blink Moments in the Blink appBlink Moments in the Blink appBlink

Key Features of Blink Moments

1. Automated Clip Compilation: Blink Moments leverages advanced algorithms to automatically select and combine relevant clips from all Blink cameras in a household. This feature ensures that users can view a comprehensive narrative of events without manually sifting through multiple clips.

2. Seamless Integration: Blink Moments works effortlessly with all Blink cameras, including current and previous generations of both battery-powered and plug-in devices. This ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of Blink Moments regardless of their existing camera setup.

3. Enhanced User Interaction: Blink Moments adds value for users by transforming individual clips into a single, cohesive video. Whether capturing family activities, monitoring package deliveries, or watching pets, users can now view these moments in a more engaging format.

4. Easy Sharing and Saving: Blink Moments videos can be easily downloaded to smartphones and shared directly from the Blink app. This functionality makes it simple to share memorable or meaningful footage with friends and family through social media or messaging platforms.

Rolling Out to Blink Plus Plan Subscribers

Blink Moments is currently being rolled out and will be fully available to all global Blink Plus Plan subscribers in the coming weeks. The Blink Plus Plan, priced at $10 a month or $100 a year, offers a range of additional features that complement Blink Moments. These include person detection, live view recording, up to 60 days of video cloud storage, and the ability to stream up to 90 minutes of continuous live view per session. The Plus Plan supports unlimited devices per account, making it an ideal choice for households with multiple cameras.

Blink Plus Plan Subscription Benefits

The introduction of Blink Moments adds significant value to the Blink Plus Plan, which already provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance home security and user convenience. Key benefits include:

  • Person Detection: This feature allows for more accurate notifications, distinguishing between people and other types of motion.
  • Live View Recording: Users can record live footage directly from their cameras.
  • Extended Cloud Storage: The Plus Plan includes up to 60 days of video cloud storage, ensuring that important footage is always accessible.
  • Motion Detection Video Recording: This feature captures and saves clips when motion is detected, ensuring that users are alerted to any activity around their property.
  • Unlimited Device Support: The Plus Plan supports unlimited Blink devices, providing flexibility and scalability for any household setup.

Who is Blink?

For those of you who don't know who Blink is or anything about them, let me help you. Blink is an Amazon company dedicated to providing innovative and easy-to-use smart home security devices. Powered by custom-built chip technology, Blink offers a variety of feature-rich camera solutions designed to work inside and out for every home. Blink's wire-free cameras deliver up to two years of battery life, making them a reliable choice for indoor and outdoor use. The Blink Home Monitor app allows users to check in on loved ones and pets anytime and anywhere. You can learn more about Blink smart security solutions on its website.


From a smart home perspective, Blink Moments provides a new and innovative way for users to interact with their Blink camera footage. I can see how Blink Moments can save time and enhance the overall user experience by automatically compiling clips into a seamless video. With its rollout to Blink Plus Plan subscribers, Blink continues to innovate and provide valuable features that meet the evolving needs of its customers. It is worth trying if you are a Blink subscriber since it is part of your subscription.

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