Buying Guide: Best VR Headsets For Travel Apps

Buying Guide: Best VR Headsets For Travel Apps

A quick look at the five best virtual reality headsets for travel apps.

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Today, virtual travel and tourism are coming together to offer consumers a unique way to experience some of the great destinations in the world without leaving your house. All you need to do is buy a good virtual reality or VR headset and download the app of your destination. Then it's travel time. (If you want to learn more about VR travel, check out GearBrain's Welcome to the Wide World of VR Travel)

While the best virtual reality games require high-end, expensive headsets, most travel apps work on low-cost mobile-based headsets. GearBrain has created a slide show of our recommendation for the five low-cost VR headsets you can use with your smartphone. To get a more in-depth look at each of these VR headsets, feel free to visit our article 5 Best VR Headsets for Travel Apps or 11 Questions About Virtual Reality Headsets Before You Buy.

Just click on the images below to see which VR headset is right for you.

Goggle Tech C-1 Glass

Photo of Goggle Tech C1 Glass headset in a case.

Finally, here's a headset you can use to watch VR travel videos while actually traveling. This little item folds up flat, weighs just one ounce, and comes with its own carrying case. Plus, it works with any late-model Android phone or iPhone and comes in different colors, if you don't like standard black.

If you don't like this one, there are plenty of other folding, open-sided headsets to choose from, some of them starting at under $10.

To learn more about Goggle Tech C-1 VR and other great VR headsets for travel apps, check out GearBrain's 5 Best VR Headsets for Travel Apps


Where to Buy: $9.99 on Amazon.

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