CAPE Audio Shakes up the Headphone Industry with the Release of Rebellion Headphones

CAPE Audio Shakes up the Headphone Industry with the Release of Rebellion Headphones

Using the best in spatial sound technologies, Rebellion Headphones are the most advanced wireless 3D headphones on the market

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Press Release:

SAN MATEO — August 25, 2016 — ITIWANT LLC has launched a new line of premium personal audio devices under the CAPE Audio brand, headlined by its flagship product, Rebellion Headphones, the world's first wireless, active noise-cancelling spatial 3D headphones. Designed and created with technology support from Coolhear Ltd., a global leader in spatial 3D sound technology, Rebellion Headphones boast cutting-edge spatial 3D audio capabilities, outstanding Active Noise Control and state-of-the-art design for incredible ergonomics and all-day comfort. Rebellion Headphones will be targeted to music aficionados, movie lovers and gamers.

It wouldn't be a revolution without a major change in the way we hear audio. With Rebellion, CAPE pushes the envelope of existing headphone technology to create an exceptional 3D auditory experience.

At the core of CAPE's spatial sound processing is Coolhear's proprietary 3D sound chip that performs complex algorithms and mathematical manipulations. With this powerful spatial 3D audio chip, music and sound comes from behind, from the front, and from side to side … so the audio experience is completely immersive and realistic.

CAPE Audio engineers have utilized head-related transfer function (HRTF) algorithms to elevate the listener's 2D audio into 360°, top-down and spherical 3D sound. Rebellion's speaker drivers incorporate a proprietary honeycomb design, where they are angled to be slightly parallel to the listener's auricular surface. This design works in conjunction with the Voice Coil Stabilization System (VCSS) to reduce incidental vibrations. The result is crystal clear sound with diminished distortion in the high and mid frequency range, and an even broader horizontal sound stage.

But Rebellion Headphones don't stop there. To attain the best spatial 3D audio experience, CAPE Audio designers knew they had to create a near perfect sound stage free from outside noise. Thanks to the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in each pair of headphones, the active noise cancellation (ANC) found in Rebellion Headphones meets or beats noise reduction systems found in premium, high-end headphones. And rather than simply broadcasting the "white noise" mask typical to most noise-canceling headphones, Rebellion headphones use two integrated microphones in harmony with the DSP to modulate your music's existing frequencies whenever possible to attenuate noise without compromising on clarity. The DSP also enriches audio to a 3D sound stage worthy of your music, so rather than sounding tinny and flat — as conventional headphones do — Rebellion Headphones reproduce rich, vibrant music that sounds like it's being performed in a concert hall.

A downloadable companion app will also be available that allows users to experience their existing music libraries in glorious 3D sound.

Rebellion will be followed by several other high-end personal 3D audio devices developed by CAPE Audio. An Indiegogo campaign for Rebellion Headphones began on August 23, 2016 at

To find out more about the Rebellion Headphones, visit

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