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CES News: Home Connectivity Alliance Demonstrates “Any App to Any Device” Capabilities

The trade association releases HCA Interface Specification 1.0, a new industry standard for Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems, and TVs within the connected home ecosystem.

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At last year’s show, we were introduced to Home Connectivity Alliance and liked how they were able to get leading global manufacturers of smart appliances, HVAC systems, and smart televisions to align together to help solve interoperability across smart brands in the smart home. Then at IFA, they were able to display how their first Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) connectivity solution worked. At this year’s CES Show, they continue their mission to help solve interoperability by releasing their HCA Interface Specification 1.0 for C2C Interoperability. They are also providing a demo of energy management opportunities for utilities and consumers at the show.

“This is a monumental achievement for our members to release the HCA Interface Specification 1.0 within one year of the organization‘s launch at CES 2022,” said Yoon Ho Choi, Home Connectivity Alliance President. “The availability of this specification will enable the large appliance industry to begin the development of interoperable and energy-efficient ecosystems between trusted global brands that will provide convenience, help stabilize the electrical grid, and help deliver cost savings for consumers.”

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The HCA Interface Specification 1.0 leverages existing industry standards to define C2C interoperability and ensures that long-life appliances, HVAC systems, and TVs are seamlessly interoperable with each other, regardless of manufacturer. Furthermore, the specification will cover legacy appliances and HVAC systems consumers already have in their homes today; ensuring that consumers can continue to use them, in most instances without major firmware updates. The specification will be available for public viewing and open-sourced to HCA members.

HCA is displaying its C2C interoperability demonstrations featuring solutions from multiple member companies in the Smart Home exhibition at CES 2023. This technical demonstration from HCA member companies leverages C2C connectivity, enabling multiple brands of apps to control multiple brands of appliances, HVAC systems, and TVs. HCA continues to focus on making the smart home accessible to the everyday consumer and has focused on a select set of features most frequently used by consumers.

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Energy Management in the Connected Home

The release of the HCA Interface Specification 1.0 paves the way for energy-efficient solutions that cover the entire connected home. HCA is actively working with industry leaders across energy management to build a foundation for a more energy-efficient and sustainable roadmap for the connected home. At CES, HCA members will present a simulation of how a utility could enhance its fleet of flexible loads by incorporating long-life appliances alongside heating and cooling to reduce grid emergency risks.

With HCA, key data from devices that consume the most energy (appliances, HVAC systems, and TVs) – including how much energy they use and how to optimize it – become even more accessible. This leads directly to energy usage insights that empower consumers to leverage technology from member companies to act on or even automate key devices, with the option to override, resulting in energy efficiency and cost savings for the consumer.

To learn more about HCA and their new HCA Interface Specification 1.0, you can visit their site here.

At GearBrain, we understand the challenges interoperability poses for consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and service providers like utilities. Any company that is involved with buying and selling today’s smart devices and systems needs help and guidance in finding, buying, and connecting these products. Now that smart appliances, HVAC systems, and smart TVs are being connected to the home, there is more of a need to learn how to integrate and manage these devices and systems. What HCA and its member companies are doing is great. Having an “Any app to any device” is a great achievement and will go a long way in simplifying interoperability for all parties involved.

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