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Newly Redesigned “The GearBrain” IoT Configurator Solves Inoperability Issues For Smart Devices

GearBrain's compatibility find engine for smart devices makes it easier for you to find smart devices that work with your gadgets.

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The first-of-its-kind platform created to solve inoperability problems for owners of smart homes and devices, The GearBrain (patent pending), an IoT configurator, has been redesigned to optimize the user experience.

Free to use, The GearBrain, first launched in May 2020, solves one of the biggest stumbling blocks facing the growth in the smart home/device market – helping consumers know which devices work together.. The GearBrain also serves as a compatibility find engine, so consumers can bypass endless online searches and instead easily find information, education, and recommendations from its vast database. These include product features and how-tos, along with enhanced listings which brands can purchase for $89.00.

a screenshot of GearBrain matching engine and filtering capabilities The GearBrain easily helps you find compatible smart devices.GearBrain

The GearBrain

The smart device advertising community, as well as manufacturers, retailers, and primarily, consumers will reap the benefits of this unique one-stop site, resulting in better-educated purchasing decisions, saving people time, effort, and frustration. Strategic simplicity is built in to The GearBrain's configurator and compatibility find engine, with comprehensive search results made available in seconds.

Mark W. Westlake, CEO & Founder of The GearBrain as well as site, which publishes news, product reviews, and how-to articles for the latest connected devices and systems designed for the home, car, and office explains, "Consumers gravitate toward convenience and understanding. Think about how easy it was and still is to set up the Amazon Echo when it first came to market. But not all smart devices are like the Echo. Interoperability is problematic and standing in the way of adoption and growth. The GearBrain solves the interoperability problems and more. Our platform allows users to research, discover, buy, and connect with all kinds of smart devices seamlessly on one platform for the first time ever."

For more information about The GearBrain, visit the company website:, or contact:

Introduction of The GearBrain, The First Compatibility Find Engine for Smart Devices

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GearBrain Compatibility Find Engine

A pioneering recommendation platform where you can research, discover, buy, and learn how to connect and optimize smart devices.

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