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Home Connectivity Alliance Reveals New Interoperability Solution for the Connected Home at IFA 2022

Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) will be displaying the first C2C (cloud-to-cloud) connectivity solution for appliances, HVAC and smart TVs at IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

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Imagine having one app control all your smart appliances, HVAC systems and smart TVs? Well, this is a reality thanks to Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA). Over the past nine months, they have been making great strides in helping to solve interoperability for all the major smart appliances and systems you normally leave in a home after selling it. These devices and systems include smart appliances like a refrigerator, washer/dryer as well as your HVAC systems and now smart TVs. HCA will be demoing their new solution for interoperability, the first cloud-to-cloud (C2C) connectivity at IFA 2023, the world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics and household appliances.

HCA is an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of safe and secure interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems and TVs within the connected home ecosystem. Their C2C connectivity demonstration at IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany on Sept. 2-5 will feature multiple HCA member companies who currently leverage C2C connectivity. And it will be the first time we see how multiple brands of apps can control multiple brands of appliances, HVAC systems and TVs at the same time.

Global manufacturers moving at start-up speed

HCA achieved this interoperability milestone with its first C2C demo within nine months of its launch in January 2022.

“I’m pleased to announce HCA has achieved C2C connectivity less than one year since our launch,” said Yoon Ho Choi, President, Home Connectivity Alliance and Global Head of Planning & Partnerships, Home IoT Business, Samsung Electronics. “HCA’s goal is to provide consumers with more choices for their connected home through C2C interoperability, supporting the compatibility of both new and legacy devices across leading global brands. This milestone brings us a step closer to a simpler, safer and more secure smart home ecosystem that reflects real homes.”

Commitment to sustainability through energy savings

Large appliances and HVAC systems work together to manage and save energy in the home. With HCA, the data from your largest products – including how much energy they use and how to optimize it – becomes more accessible. This leads directly to insights you can act on, which ultimately results in real energy savings and cost savings for the consumer. In the coming months, HCA will work with energy management industry leaders to build solutions that pave the way for energy solutions for the whole home.

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Dedicated to consumer innovation

The interoperability of smart home devices and long-life appliances provides consumers with more choices and options within their connected home environment. HCA’s consumer benefits include:

  • Legacy products incorporated to work with current devices
  • Cross-vendor interoperability so all brands work together
  • Devices that save more energy to save consumers money

The Home Connectivity Alliance is a member-driven organization dedicated to the development and promotion of safe and secure interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems and TVs within the connected home ecosystem. launched in 2022 by leading manufacturers in the connected home space to foster innovation and provide consumers with safe, interoperable appliances in the connected home. Members include American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Arçelik, The Electrolux Group, Haier, GE Appliances, Samsung, Trane Residential, and Vestel. HCA recently welcomed LG Electronics and Resideo as its newest members. You can find out more information on HCA and its members, by visiting www.homeconnectivityalliance.org.

As you know, GearBrain's mission is to help simplify smart devices and systems for consumers. We want to make it easier for you to find, buy and connect with these solutions for the connected home. We like what HCA is doing and their commitment to simplifying devices and systems in the smart home. We look forward to testing their solution once available in the US. In the interim, just know one day you will be able to control all your smart appliances, HVAC systems and smart TVs using one app, thanks to HCA and its members.

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