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Smart devices for college students that won’t break the bank

GearBrain's editors talk about technology to help you study and get organized during our Facebook Live Tuesday, September 4 at 2 pm ET

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Dressing up a college dorm room is serious business. After picking out your side of the room, important questions abound: What will decorate the walls? Who brought the mini-fridge? Or who wants to go in on a security camera and robot vacuum? Yes, smart products aren't always expensive gadgets meant for your parents house. College students can find connected devices that won't break their student loan budgets, and can help make their lives away from home much easier.

During our next Facebook Live, Tuesday September 4th at 2 pm ET, GearBrain's editors will walk through our favorite picks that can enhance a college student's daily life on campus, at home in the dorms or in an off-campus apartment.

We'll talk about:

  • Ways to protect your room, and important papers
  • Devices that help you keep track of your keys, bike and smartphone
  • How to create a space that encourages studying
  • Connected products that even clean your room (and make your parents happy)

So join us next week — have your parents tune in too — to get some valuable, and affordable, tips to make your next school year more organized, perhaps safer and hopefully a lot neater. We'll have a lot of the products on hand so you can see them up close, and get a sense if they work for you.

We'll be on GearBrain's Facebook page, live, 2 pm ET on Tuesday September 4th. See you then.

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