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5 High-Tech Gifts Every College Graduate Will Love

You need to be a bit tech savvy to impress this bunch

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Graduation season, the time to start shopping for the hard-working scholars in your life who just earned degrees. High-tech gifts align well with young people's preferences and make their lives more convenient. But, because today's graduates are so tech-savvy, it's necessary to up your game when shopping for them.

This list of the five latest gadgets popular among recent grads will help you make confident purchases.

The Keurig K-Elite Coffeemaker

A photo of the Keurig E-Elite, the perfect gift to feed a recent college grad's caffeine fix

The Keurig E-Elite is the perfect gift to feed a recentcollege grad's caffeine fix


This is Keurig's newest single-serve model, which brews coffee in under a minute, making from 4 to 12 ounces of coffee, and accommodating multiple cup sizes.

The $169.99 Keurig K-Elite Coffeemaker also offers instant hot water for tea or oatmeal. It's ideal for people who've gotten accustomed to drinking coffee on campus.

Lenovo Mirage Solo With Daydream VR Headset

A photo of the Mirage Solo, a standalone VR headset

The Mirage Solo is a standalone VR headset


Virtual reality headsets are finally affordable for most people. This option from Lenovo offers plenty of perks for the price paid, and it's the first standalone system with Google's Daydream software.

This well-reviewed gadget is wireless, and it has technology that recognizes the wearer's movements in space without requiring extra sensors.

The $399.99 Lenovo Mirage Solo also works with hundreds of compatible apps. Aside from playing games, people can watch fascinating documentaries or use the integration with Google Photos to view pictures of the college pals they miss after graduation.

Google Home Smart Speaker

A photo of the Google Home smart speaker, which is great for grads planning to live alone or with roommates

The Google Home smart speaker is great for grads planning to live alone or with roommates


This smart speaker helps people find recipes, get driving directions and more. Its streamlined design is ideal for recent graduates living in small apartments or sharing spaces with roommates.

The $129.99 Google Home Smart Speaker works with numerous third-party apps to increase capabilities. Plus, it's easy to set up and responds to dozens of commands right out of the box.

Fitbit Versa

With a four-day battery life, the Fitbit Versa, pictured here, is great for forgetful grads

With a four-day battery life, the Fitbit Versa is great for forgetful grads


Offered as one of the newest wearables from Fitbit, this fitness tracker helps graduates stay fit once they no longer have access to campus gyms.

The $199.95 Fitbit Versa offers at least a four-day battery life, reducing the need to recharge the gadget. Moreover, the Versa provides on-screen workouts. Because it holds up to 300 songs and works with music-streaming services, graduates can stay motivated.

Nokia Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad

All-nighters may have warped a recent grads sleep cycle, and the Nokia Sleep Sensing device, pictured here, may help them grab some deep sleep.

All-nighters may have warped a recent grads sleep cycle, and the Nokia Sleep Sensing device may help them grab some deepsleep


The $99.99 Nokia Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad may help graduates adopt healthier sleep habits now that they no longer have to stay up all night studying for exams.

This streamlined nighttime accessory fits under a mattress and tracks heart rate, sleep cycles and snoring, giving insight to encourage people to get higher-quality rest. When people need extra help to fall into restful slumbers, they can listen to peaceful ambient noises — that's an option available directly from the Google Home speaker.

Recipients can enjoy these gifts for years after they collect their diplomas, helping them integrate smoothly into a modern lifestyle. Plus, by purchasing them, you'll earn a reputation as a standout gift-giver.

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