Comcast Using Blockchain To Help Secure Customer's Smart Homes

Comcast Using Blockchain To Help Secure Customer's Smart Homes

Interesting to see how Comcast is using blockchain security to help easily implement security of their customer's smart gadgets on the Xfinity X1 platform.

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Security is top of mind with consumers today when it comes connecting smart gadgets in their home. Since these devices connect to each other over a wireless connection via the internet, consumers are constantly checking to make sure unwanted quests don't arrive in their homes. Today, Comcast announced they are helping their customers secure their smart home devices with the help of Blockchain technology, the security system widely used to secure Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Blockchains underlying technology provides a powerful, flexible and secure platform that can support many types of sensitive transactions where privacy and reliability are critical in conjunction with Comcast Labs, Comcast's information security team joined with Sridhar Solur's digital home engineering team to come up with a new application for blockchains that puts the user at the center of the digital home experience.

The approach Comcast has developed puts customers in control of their digital homes by providing them a tool to easily grant, revoke and tailor access to any IoT device in a way that is safe, private and highly resistant to tampering.

For instance, their blockchain technology allows them to create a unique digital identity for each Comcast customer. Next, they associate the identifier with a permission-based ledger or what Comcast calls a "trunk. Once the identifier or trunk is setup, it will enable their customers to associate any of their connected devices in the home as "leaves" with their ledger and then set and/or revoke permissions as they see fit. Like allowing someone to have temporary access to your house with a special code that expires when you set it to expire. This is the key behind using Blockchain.

According to Comcast, they have more than 15 million customers with connected devices running throughout their homes. Offering this model at no additional cost to help them secure these devices is a smart move and more companies that provide ISP service to homes should consider doing the same. We look forward to hearing more about how Comcast is continuing to help customers create connected home experiences that are simple and secure.

For more informattion, check out Comcast's blog: Blockchain for the Connected Home: Combining Security and Flexibility

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