6 cool car devices and driving apps for the ultimate commute

6 cool car devices and driving apps for the ultimate commute

Living outside of the city doesn't mean your time getting to work can't be fun

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When I lived outside of the city and had a car, the commute into work was always close to unbearable. I couldn't reach anything in the backseat, I always made a mess of my breakfast and worst of all, I couldn't touch my phone.

Over time, I learned some tricks to make the car ride more bearable. I put my phone in the sun visor for hands free calling, used straws in my coffee so not to spill, and played the radio once in a while for variety from my Spotify playlist. I also learned that smart devices and apps made all the difference — here's six to help you too.

Apple Watch and Satechi mount


Smartphones can be a distraction while you're driving and the Apple Watch can give you a smaller screen with less moving parts — Satechi realized this and made a $7.99 grip mount to put on your steering wheel. Now, you can access your Apple Watch hands free while looking at your map, changing music or checking messages at a glance.

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