Disney To Light Up The Sky With Drones

Disney To Light Up The Sky With Drones

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Disney Drone Walt Disney World is bringing drones to the Magic Kingdom—specifically a drone light show to its shopping center, Disney Springs. The drones will fly, lit up for a holiday show that Disney Parks teased out in a new video. The show is the first since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave a green light to Disney allowing the park to fly drones through November 2020 at night. Drones are already being designed for just this purpose, such as Intel's newly released Shooting Star, a quadcopter with an LED light that has yet to marketed to the public (or even priced.) Intel recently tested the drone in a light show in Germany. Disney Parks are famous for their nighttime firework and laser shows—and looking to deepen the entire Disney experience with drones.

Android Auto Android just opened the playing field for its Android Auto app—so anyone with an Android smartphone can use the tool, even if their car didn't come with the feature. Dozens of brands from Jeep to Cadillac are working with Android to install the app into their new vehicles. But for those with older makes and models, getting access to Android Auto was trickier. No more. Something Apple might want to consider for CarPlay.

Tesla ScroogeTesla will end its free fast-charging station perk starting next year. Buyers now can pull into any of its electric charging spots and get charged up without a fee. But those who order Tesla's in 2017 (and some who even get their's delivered then) will get credit for 1,000 miles of charging a year—and have to pay for their (electric) fuel after that. What that fee is? Unstated. But for those who decide to take their Tesla's on any extended road trips, plan to factor Supercharge fees to your budget.

Lucid Dreams Aurora, the sleeping wearable that beams lights and sounds while you snooze, is in pre-order. Aurora works by enhancing your REM, or dream state, allowing people to control their dreams: or enter into what's called a lucid dream. The ability to program, and have some control over our dream state, is thought by some researchers to potentially bring about better sleep, and lower stress. The device, which is in beta, expects to ship by early next year and is currently priced at $299. Expect to see more wearables in this field in the future.

Ding Dong Want to know how to see who is at the door—even when you're not home? We sound off on the entire smart door bell category running through nearly every option on the market today—with no smart doorbell left un-rung.

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