Drone Racing World Championships flies into prime time

Drone Racing World Championships flies into prime time

The best drone pilots race for global domination Friday night on ESPN.

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King of the drones the Drone Racing World Championships airs tomorrow night: eight of the best drone pilots race to see who will be crowned Top Gun. ESPN is airing the race at 9 pm EST — certainly a sign that drone racing has hit the big leagues, or that cable hopes that's the case.

Tomorrow night's season finale will have racers flying a course at the Alexandria Palace in London, expected to hit 80 mph with their FPV drones, flying through light gates and being forced to do an inverted dive. (Good thing they're small and unmanned.)

The Drone Racing League (DRL) launched just last year, but already has signed partners including Swatch, Amazon (Prime Video), Allianz and the U.S. Air Force (of course) among others. More than 33 million people tuned in to watch the 2016 season on broadcast, and 45 million checked out digital content online says DRL.

Summer escape No time for a big vacation this summer? What about tuning into some serious climbs and desert hikes virtually? Discovery VR takes viewers up the slopes of Everest or into a den cuddling with cute puppies. Of course the app is free: which means you can splurge on an iced cappuccino while you plug into some virtual escape.

Spark out Have a DJI Spark? Recent reports of users saying their $499 drone is crashing has caught the attention of DJI. The company notes that some pilots are having trouble (read: their drones stop midair and dive to the ground) and is working with engineers on a solution. Having trouble yourself? Tell us.

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