Report: Facebook to launch $200 Oculus VR headset

Report: Facebook to launch $200 Oculus VR headset

The new device is reportedly code-named "Pacific."

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Pacific VR The same week Facebook cut the price of its Oculus Rift headset and Touch goggles comes news that a new, wireless, headset is on its way for just $200, says a story in Bloomberg. The device is expected to be the next step VR needs: a way to untether the experience from a computer or even a smartphone.

While high-end VR, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, has outstanding immersive graphics, being locked to a PC either on a desk, or in a heavy backpack, degrades the experience. Plus these headsets are expensive or require expensive computing devices. Google Cardboard headsets like the Fiit VR are certainly lighter, more mobile and less expensive, but the graphics are definitely not as robust.

Enter a new headset, which Bloomberg says is code-named "Pacific." (Facebook, and Oculus, are based in California.) The story says it will be lighter than Samsung Gear VR (which requires a Samsung Gear device to run) and may ship in 2018.

Colorblind app While we like to review VR apps that are fun and games, we recently took a look at the iOS DanKam app, which helps to augment certain colors, making it more possible for those who are color blind to see tones and hues they may not normally be able to see. Our VR reviewer tried the app with her family, and here are her thoughts on the iOS DanKam app.

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