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Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Tuesday

Absolut (yes, the vodka company) is looking to develop smart bottles that can tell when you’re running low — and automatically order another. The vodka brand launched its R&D lab in Stockholm.

Columbia University’s IoT graduate students unveiled the best and brightest of their class projects this week. Worth noting? AquaSafe, which sends an alert when someone falls into a pool and Smart Food Delivery, a service that uses a smart to-go container to know if your meal is hot. 

Smart home technology is already in play in more than 20 percent of US households — and another 36 percent are interested in these devices as well, says research firm Strategy Analytics. What do consumers want the most? Water-shut off tools (like Flowless, which we mentioned yesterday) and smart thermostats.

Wistiki wants to help you find anything you’ve lost — from a pet to a wallet — all from your smartphone. Time magazine took a look at the Philippe Starck-designed device, which will start shipping in March.

Finally, Twitter has filed a patent to apparently let users control a drone from a “messaging platform.” (Let’s assume that’s Twitter.) With Facebook adopting drones into its business plan, and Amazon talking about them as well, it’s hardly surprising Twitter would make a stake as well.

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