Gear Up On IoT: Google Wants Your Blood  + Samsung’s Delay

Gear Up On IoT: Google Wants Your Blood + Samsung’s Delay

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Five IoT news bites to start your Wednesday.

Can you Google your blood sugar levels? Maybe not. But the search engine giant recently filed a patent for a wearable that would pierce the skin to draw, then read, minute amounts of blood for diabetics. Other medical applications may be possible as well.

Samsung has stumbled a bit with its recent Samsung Pay delay. Expected to be on Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches last month, the tech company now says the mobile payment plan won’t be ready until 2016.

Smart jewelry firm Leaf Wearables — best known for its SAFER device — raised $250,000 to increase production of its product. The smart wearable, clipped on as a necklace or bracelet, can send a notification to a pre-set phone number if the wearer is in trouble.

Two-step authentication is one of the best ways to prevent your accounts from being hacked. Android smartwatches now work with Google’s Authenticator app, letting you input the second set of code — to unlock your device.

Finally, the connected car market is bound for billions — more than $180 billion by 2022, says a new study by Grand View Research, a market research firm. Cruise control, automatic collision protection and even Wi-Fi hot spots are expected to become standard features. Want to know how to turn your car into a mobile hotspot now? GearBrain has that covered already.

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