Gear Up On IoT: James Bond’s Aston Martin Get IoT Makeover + CES Teaser

Gear Up On IoT: James Bond’s Aston Martin Get IoT Makeover + CES Teaser

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Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Tuesday.

James Bond’s beloved Aston Martin is moving into the IoT era, with a new partnership between the iconic British car maker and Chinese tech company LeTV. Wondering what role Q may be playing in the development.

Clicking? Yesterday’s news. With SevenHugs Smart Remote, users may need to just point to activate their IOT-enabled device. Universal remotes are fairly well-known in the marketplace. But objects that turn on, or off, by only recognizing a remote aimed at them is SevenHugs’ aim. A potential ship date is in 2016.

So-called smart cities will be the big driver for IoT technology in 2016, says research firm Gartner. More than 3.3 billion connected devices will be in play, pushed by smart commercial buildings using products like webcams and indoor LED lights.

A smart home demo at UC Davis could offer some answers to California’s water crisis. Up and running since October 2014, the smart home has used less than half the water of a typical home during the same period.

Finally, CES is still weeks away. But Bosch has already nabbed an early award with a touch-screen that gives users the feeling of different textures and buttons. The technology also recognizes the amount of force someone applies to activate a variety of features. Expect to hear more in coming weeks.

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