Google adds a personal button to its search engine
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Google adds a personal button to its search engine

Now you can pull up photos, your schedule plus details from your Gmail account—right from the main search page.

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Google personal Google's main search engine is an easy way to find information, news, map locations and more. But now users will be able to draw details from their own life, from a new tab, "Personal." You must be logged into your Gmail account for the search engine to work (as most people are, all the time) this way—once you type in a specific key word, you can choose to see if your own data contains details connected to that topic.

A recent test pulled up photos and upcoming details from a calendar connected to different key words. Personal research results aren't mixed into the main results. Just like with other tabs like "News," "Images," and "Videos" you have to toggle between each one to find results specific to that kind of result.

The new tab highlights just how much of your personal life Google can access, for those who use any of its programs including email, calendar, YouTube, Google Home and Docs. Signing out of your Google account removes the "Personal" tab from showing up during search results. Curious how many Google apps are storing your personal data? On the main Google page, click on your image, and then on the "My Account" button. Under "Personal Info & Privacy," scroll down to "Control your content," and then "Create Archive." There, you'll see all the Google apps drawing data from your life.

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