Google Home knows when you're home—and not your roommate

Google Home knows when you're home—and not your roommate

Google's voice assistant now recognizes up to six different voices

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Who's talking? Google Home is now able to tell your voice from others in your household. The voice-control system just got an upgrade, allowing Google Home to identify up to six different people from their voice alone. Like your dog, though, Google Home needs some training so it can learn. But once it does, Google Home will be able give back information personalized to a specific user, such as their route to work, what's on their schedule for the day, or even songs on their playlist.

Users do need the Google Home app to start (natch.) Then, once linked to a Google account, the tech assistant learns your voice by having you say two key phrases twice: "Ok Google"and "Hey Google" two times. The ability is now live in the U.S. The U.K. will be able to start using the feature in coming months. It's worth noting that right now neither Siri nor Alexa can differentiate voices.

Sweat test Along with its iPad, iPhone and Macbooks, Apple manufacturing sweat—the fake kind. The company wants to make sure the Apple Watch doesn't make you break out when it comes into contact with your sweaty arm. (Isn't that thoughtful?) So the company has started testing its smart watch, by putting it into containers filled with this artificial sweat, warm as if coming off a body, to see if compounds, like nickel, will react, notes CNBC.

Tap Tap Fish Eager for some R&R? This free VR app will let you take a virtual dive in a coral reef with tropical fish swirling around you. Even the music is calming in Tap Tap Fish, which can be played in a simple Cardboard headset. Who doesn't need some downtime?

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