Hack Nintendo 3DS and Earn $20,000

Hack Nintendo 3DS and Earn $20,000

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Nintendo Hack Nintendo wants to make very sure its Nintendo 3DS system is secure—$20,000 sure. Hackers who can find problems with the code can earn between $100 to $20,000 depending on how bad the errors may be. But don't start hacking away at all things Nintendo. The company is only interested in the 3DS family. What to look for? Think privacy issues, cheating, takeovers of the system and abilities to push out content that would be "inappropriate" to kids, the company writes. Interested? Know of a problem or two? You can submit your report via HackerOne starting now. (Via Digital Trends)

Spotify + Sonos There's another avenue to control your Sonos speaker—your Spotify account. While Spotify users have already been able to send music to their Sonos speakers, now they can also control the volume of the music, change the music from a tablet or smartphone. You do have to be a Spotify Premium user. But then you can't have everything for free.

Tesla Recall Telsa is recalling 7,000 charging adapters because two of them overheated. Tesla emailed customers about the incidents—which the company learned about in November—letting them know replacement parts would be mailed to them in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, they're asking customers not to charge their cars with the adapter.

Soccer VR Major League Soccer—also known as the MLS—will get its day in the virtual reality sunshine. This weekend's MLS Cup will be broadcast in VR through the Fox Sports VR app. How will this work? Viewers will be able to choose one of five angles to see the game, even without a headset. They'll also be able to go into a virtual room to see stats through their Cardboard headset or Samsung Gear VR. And yes. Of course there will be replays.

Stocking Stuffers for Fido Every pet owner keenly wants to keep their furry friends happy. And during the holiday season, thoughts often turn to finding a goodie for man's best friend. Good thing we have a list of what we think are the best pet devices sure to please you, and your pet.

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