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How GamStop Operates With Your Personal Information

Learn about the program that helps players prevent gambling addiction.

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GamStop is the most popular self-exclusion program, operating under UKGC licensing. It covers British gambling and betting websites, helping players to prevent addiction and cope with its unpleasant consequences. While some players are voluntarily involved in the program, others still fear it. The reasons can be different: many don’t want to quit their hobby for a long time. On the other hand, numerous users fear their personal details are insecure after they engage in GamStop. It’s time to dispel all the myths and learn everything about the most reliable and widespread self-exclusion tool.

Registration Process

It won’t take more than a few minutes to start participating in GamStop. Every gambler or bettor experiencing trouble with self-control can engage in the program. It’s necessary to take the following steps:

  • Visit the GamStop official website & click “GET STARTED” to learn the details
  • Learn all the terms and conditions & press the “SIGN IN” button
  • Enter your email and password as the first step
  • Add other personal details required by the program
  • Choose the self-exclusion term (6 months, 1 year, or 5 years)

Other information required by GamStop includes name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, and billing address. After that, it’s required to confirm your identity – the verification process can take up to 24 hours. Then, the self-exclusion program starts working, so a user won’t be able to access gambling websites operating under GameStop. However, active casino sites with no GamStop will still be available in the United Kingdom and to British players. It’s worth noting that suspending or canceling participation is impossible, so users should think well before launching this tool.

Information Collection

illustration on gamstop information collectionLearn how GamStop keeps your personal data safe and secure.GamStop

Understanding how GamStop works before moving to personal data collection is important. Once activated, the program restricts access to all betting and gambling platforms operating under the UKGC jurisdiction. Players won’t be able to be involved in risky activities for a chosen period, so the self-exclusion tool needs personal information. Problem players must only provide relevant details about themselves. Data is collected in such ways:

  • Personal details are provided by users themselves during registration
  • Data is sent by online casinos and sportsbooks if compulsive behaviors are noticed
  • Gamblers’ call recording (the authority notifies of it in advance)

GamStop checks data relevance, so users mustn’t provide third-party details or deceive the authorities, as everything will be thoroughly examined. There’s always the possibility of adding information about users who don’t aim to participate in the program. In this case, GamStop initiates additional checks and ensures this person is not self-excluded.

Data Usage

GamStop doesn’t pass its users’ data to any third parties, properly protecting customers’ information. However, online casinos operating under the UKGC licensing are obliged to inform the authorities if they notice any suspicious activities that can lead to gambling addiction. In this case, players’ personal information is shared by two parties, but it’s still protected against external influences.

GamStop also notifies users that it shares their data with independent researchers – program participants must sign a consent during registration. However, this clause can be canceled if the client does not want to share personal information. Moreover, GamStop offers compulsive players to receive assistance from GamCare. The program will only share their name and phone number if a user needs a support group.

GamStop keeps users’ personal data for the chosen self-exclusion period and 7 years after it expires. This allows operators to see that a player has previously had problems with gambling activities.

Security Measures

The program pays special attention to user data safety, ensuring all personal information is properly protected against unauthorized access. The company uses the best data safety protocols. GamStop also guarantees all betting and betting websites covered by the tool guarantee customer privacy. No personal details will be passed to any third parties, including GamCare, without the user's consent.

User Rights

user rights with gamstopLearn about the user rights when using GamStop

GamStop is careful with users’ sensitive information and provides its services according to the law. Therefore, participants have to sign consent before engaging in the program. The tool respects data privacy and user rights, including the following:

  • Ensure the body is legitimate and acts according to relevant legislation
  • Restrict personal information processing and sharing
  • Make sure the program only has positive intentions toward members
  • Right not to engage in the program’s promotional activities
  • Guarantee the secure use of personal details
  • Using the automated decision-making process

GamStop last updated its privacy policy in 2022, covering a broad range of aspects. In addition, the program constantly improves its security measures, improving customer data protection for more trust among gamblers and punters.


GamStop is the most widespread self-exclusion program with an excellent reputation, often demonstrating how data science and GamStop can curb addiction effectively. In addition, it has shown high efficiency, as over 80% of users reported improved conditions. Many people fear using the tool due to the need to provide personal details. However, GamStop provides reliable protection and doesn’t share information without the participant’s consent. The tool respects user rights and informs concerning all terms and conditions at the beginning, during the registration stage.

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