How Technology Is Bringing the Best Wines on Earth Right to Your Door

How Technology Is Bringing the Best Wines on Earth Right to Your Door

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This very moment, approximately 1 million winemakers on Earth are competing viciously for a chance to fill that empty glass in your cabinet. Together, they bring nearly 30 million metric tons of wine from over 60 countries to market each year. Need to decant that data a bit? It's about 36 billion bottles of wine, or 4.8 bottles for every living human, produced annually. Where does the wine go? According to Wine Spectator, 87% successfully sells and makes its way into the never-ending maze of wine shop displays everywhere, making the process of choosing the right wine increasingly confusing for average consumers.

Take the US market for example: the nation has been the #1 consumer globally since 2010, spending nearly $40 billion per year in the pursuit of good wine, yet only 16% of American wine drinkers claim to know a good amount about the product. Crunch those numbers and you'll see the vast majority of wine drinkers are basically "winging it" when making purchase decisions. The result: dissatisfied customers increasingly intimidated by wine, no closer to understanding a product that should be simple and delicious. The big winners in this paradigm are the giant mass-production wine factories like Gallo, The Wine Group, and Constellation - corporate Goliaths with massive marketing budgets, banking on consumer ignorance and market saturation. Actual quality is far from top priority when giant displays and brand familiarity can guarantee sales. How can you ever know which wines are actually the best, and more importantly the best for you?

Fortunately, new tech-powered platforms are working diligently to empower consumers, demystify the industry, and make great wine accessible to everyone at incredible prices. Visionary companies like Lot18.com, who pioneered online wine sales back in 2010, have continued perfecting the science of highly-personalized, expertly-curated, wine shopping experiences from the comfort of your own home. Their latest and greatest innovation is a brand new service called Top18. The concept combines not only the greatest wines Lot18 has discovered, but also the greatest personalization and "try-before-you-buy" technologies the company developed over the past 6 years.

Finding the Greatest Wines on Earth: Lot18's global wine sourcing experts hunt down 18 of the world's undeniably best wines every 3 months. The selection process is arduous and by far the most ambitious feat in the company's history. "Our wine team tastes over 50 wines from around the world for every one that makes it into programs we power such as The New York Times, Williams-Sonoma, and TastingRoom. We then recomb the list of 'winners,' seeking the best of the best for feature in each season's Top18 select" Kevin Fortuna, CEO and Founder of Lot18.com explains.

Ultra-Personalization: What makes Top18 incredibly personalized to you is that you actually get to sample 6 of the wines every season before you custom-building your next shipment. When you sign up, you receive a "Tasting Kit" with 6 different wines in adorable (and collectible) mini bottles. You can taste and rate the wines and then reference them when picking which full size bottles you'll receive. The best part? All future shipments come with another, FREE, Tasting Kit previewing the next season's Top18 selection.

Amazing Value: For only $249.99 every 3 months, you receive 12 full-sized bottles of the best wines on Earth, PLUS, a complimentary Tasting Kit with 6 mini-bottles (a $40 value) of wines to sample. Not only that, but shipping is always included! The full-size bottles All Top18 wines would easily retail for $30-$60/bottle in stores. That means that you're receiving these wines with at least a 50% discount, shipping included, AND a complimentary Tasting Kit each quarter.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Didn't like the wine you received? Lot18 will replace it. Plus you can cancel at anytime, which makes this stellar wine club entirely risk free!

Update: The folks at Lot18 are extending a special offer for our readers! Follow this link to receive your first tasting kit ($40 value) for only $6.95 plus a discount on your first customized case!

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