Wireless AirPods, New iPhone 7, Plus More To Crave

Wireless AirPods, New iPhone 7, Plus More To Crave

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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Apple AddictsApple's Keynote was bookended by two musical acts — Pharrell Williams at the front end, Sia at the back. And in between we got a look at the newest updates to the gleaming devices fresh from the Apple machine. A new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with souped up cameras, wireless headphones (which are not pleasing everyone), a Nike Apple watch, and a new true Apple Watch, Series 2 with everything except what people actually wanted—to make calls from their wrist. That upgrade will have to wait (can anyone say Apple Watch 3?). But that camera—or the dual camera system for the iPhone 7 Plus is going to give your family snaps an amazing upgrade. (Yes, we want that.) There's also plenty of other goodies to gaze at and certainly enough new pickings to place until the tree for the family. In the meantime, here's yesterday's event in 107 seconds.

Mercedes Drones Mercedes is pushing a delivery concept that links drones to fully electric cars — to get packages more quickly to consumers. (Mustn't disappoint.) The idea is called Vision Van, and Mercedes drafted the idea with a company called Matternet, which is a drone logistics firm. The van will play courier to robotic drones which will then take off to deliver their goods. What is the timeline for this new idea? There isn't one. But it does show how automakers are looking beyond their tin machines to the future to ensure they're part of the technology that moves people — or things.

Robot Toy So one Dad took the whole maker culture idea really far, by building a 13-foot tall robot for his son. A factory owner in China, the father spent a reported $70,000 to build the machine which moves on wheels and has arms that move, so his teenage son would presumably have something to play with after getting bored with Pokémon Go. (Via UPI)

VR Fashion Fashion Week has embraced virtual reality, with designers including Rebecca Minkoff and Band of Outsiders planning to offer VR options to view either catwalks or shop products after the fashion shows in New York this week. (New York Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow.) (Via Business of Fashion)

Underwater Drone Want to see what the fish see? We've got a drone for you. Meet Fathom One, an underwater, and modular, drone that can swim and dive in the deep blue sea and grab images you're staycationing friends will be sick with envy when they view them. No—this is not cheap. No, it won't save a drowning swimmer. (Like this drone in Spain.) Prices start at $600 on Kickstarter. But consider this: the next time you dive, and swear you came close to a shark/bluewhale/the Titantic: you'll have proof.

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