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How To Deep Fry Your Turkey With a Drone

How To Deep Fry Your Turkey With a Drone

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Drone Dinner We get it—you love your drone so much you want use it all the time. Well, luckily you can turn your quadcopter in the perfect sou chef to cook up your turkey, pare up those potatoes and whip up some gravy along the way. While not as simple—or as elegant—as perhaps pulling out the carving knife or your Mixmaster, a drone can certainly make the process a bit faster, if not fun. Autel Robotics decided to put that to the test with clear step-by-step instructions on how to prep an entire Thanksgiving Day meal with their drone. Let us know if you take your Thanksgiving in this direction. And please (please) send us videos.

VR Surgery To prep future patients for human head transplants, researchers are proposing using virtual reality to tether their head to a new body. The idea is to get a patient used to working new limbs so that when the actual surgery occurred they would be ready. (Via Digital Trends)

Folding Apple Apple has won a patent for a foldable phone that features a hinge that lets your bend the smartphone in half. No, this isn't a clamshell design, but something more flexible. The patent is just one of 39 granted to Apple. (Via Patently Apple)

The Maid, Alexa Alexa now links up with Botvac Connected robot vacuums, so you can get the house cleaned up just by ordering your device. Voice enabled, you can start the vacuum, and get it to return back to the base. The new fetaure, which went live this week, will work with Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot. (Via Pocketlint)

Drone Deals This holiday season, drones and VR gear are top on the list for kids, and adults too. So we've cobbled together some of the best deals on quadcopters so you can gift as many as you want.

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