HTC Vive Libraries Program

HTC Vive launches Libraries Program

Vive donates VR content and headsets to libraries in California and Nevada

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HTC Vive is donating more than virtual reality (VR) headsets to 110 public libraries in California and Nevada, along with content, for patrons to check out and experience.

The donation is part of the new Vive Libraries Program, placing free VR content and devices into libraries — and for people to check out and try. Included with the devices are content, 35 titles that include educational and experiential apps including "Beyond Tokyo," "Mars Odyssey," and "Stonehenge VR."

Getting consumers to try VR is important to its adoption. Shipments of VR and AR headsets have dipped in the past year. But with new, lower priced untethered headsets now coming out like Lenovo Mirage Solo and Oculus Go, shipments are expected to grow.

VR device and content makers, have also seeded movie theaters with VR arcades, such as the IMAX experiences at AMC locations in the past two years. Trying these arcades, of course, cost the price of a ticket before people can wield lightsabers or fly like eagles.

Donating content and headsets to libraries means the general public can try these experiences — HTC Vive experiences — for free. The full list of the 35 titles can be found on Vive's web site.

"This generous contribution by Vive is helping bring a virtual world of adventure and learning to communities across California," said Greg Lucas, California State Librarian. "As more virtual reality stations take root across our library system, we are seeing positive learning impacts and visitors that are genuinely excited about technology and education."

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