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How IFTTT Can Help You Become a Morning Person

Much like pineapple on pizza, waking up early isn't for everyone.

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If you're someone who would rather sleep until noon but have to get up at the crack of dawn, GearBrain is here to help. We'll tell you the best ways to use IFTTT to turn you into a morning person.

IFTTT can make your mornings easier even before you wake up.

Waking up to natural sunlight helps stimulate the brain for the day, but it can be hard to fall asleep with the blinds open. Set your blinds to slowly open a few minutes before you wake up with IFTTT.

Jam out

Whether you prefer waking up to hard rock or a gentle ballad, use IFTTT to connect the music alarm SleepCast to any bluetooth speaker like Bose or Sonos using their applet. Personally, nothing gets me motivated for the day quite like "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham!.

Dress for the day

Still not ready to get out of bed? Be productive while you're laying under the covers by planning your weather appropriate outfit for the day. Get a daily notification on your phone at a set time each morning for the day's forecast using the Weather Underground applet. If you're forgetful, simply tell Amazon Alexa or Google Home to set a reminder on your phone to grab that umbrella before you leave the house. Never get caught in a downpour again.

Get your caffeine fix

Nothing makes getting out of bed easier than the scent of freshly brewed coffee. Connect the fitness tracker UP by Jawbone to the WeMo coffeemaker for a hot cup ready for you each morning.

Stay informed

No one wants to realize too late that class or work was cancelled after they've already arrived. When connecting a sleep tracker or a smart alarm to a phone, IFTTT can automatically turn the phone off of night mode to make sure you don't miss any important notifications.

Leave the house

Need to remember to take out the trash or grab that expense report before you leave ? Simply use IFTTT to connect your phone to the Pushover applet and get reminders. IFTTT can be especially helpful if you are running late in the morning. For example, if you don't have time to shut off all the lights, Philips Hue lights can be shut off with one simple touch on your phone. Even better, schedule lights to automatically turn off at a certain time each morning to cut down on that electricity bill.

As IFTTT technology continues to expand and make waking up easier, you may just find yourself hitting the snooze button less and less.

— By Emily Bertha has worked in the publishing, radio and television industries. This is her first story for GearBrain.

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