In-car catastrophes: the unthinkable does occur and having the most sophisticated technology will save lives.
Baby left in car.

In-car catastrophes: the unthinkable does occur and having the most sophisticated technology will save lives.

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Since 1998, over 650 children have died as a result of vehicular heatstroke with more than half of the cases showing that the child was "forgotten" by the caregiver. Both European and American legislation will require warning systems in new cars.

3D imaging radar technology offers not only the most robust and holistic in car passenger protection solution but also provides the most cost effective technology for car manufacturers.

When lives matter, performance is the core concern. 3D imaging radar is far more accurate than any other imaging alternative. Only 3D imaging ensures that the entire cabin is monitored from ceiling level to footwell, tracking kids concealed under blankets, between seats and in the back rows of larger family cars. In addition, because 3D imaging radar has a significantly higher number of antennae as well as a considerably wider field of view than any other radar technology, there are fewer false alarms. Inferior technologies fail to correctly identify between inanimate objects and live presence as well as having technical issues from weather interference (e.g. storms and heavy winds) and external phantom imagery from passing traffic.

A single 3D radar imaging sensor offers in-car multiple functionality, all deployed from a single sensor. 3D imaging technology can classify dimensions and posture, ensuring airbag deployment optimization, detect presence ensuring accurate seat belt reminders and even track vital signs, providing sleep alerts and emergency life detection alarms.

With 3D imaging radar comes cost benefits. A single sensor, unlike traditional radar technology, covers 'presence detection' in the entire cabin, nullifying the need to put a sensor within each row. In addition, a single 3D imaging sensor, replaces other sensors combining multiple sensor functions, thereby lowering costs on additional sensors, saving line labor as well as in car wiring costs. Even for deployed vehicles more functions may be added over time, with simple 'OTA' software upgrades.

In the era of the digitization of vehicles, for both saving lives and enhancing comfort, 3D imaging radar sensors provides a complete multi-function, high performance and low cost solution compared to other inferior radars.

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