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a photo of a man riding a KBO Tornado Electric Fat Tire Bike
KBO Tornado

KBO Tornado Electric Fat Tire Bike: Conquer Any Terrain with Power and Style

A multi-terrain electric bike for riders of all ages.

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Electric bicycles are a convenient way of commuting, popularly explored by most people as an alternative to driving cars and other gas-powered vehicles. They are so fun to use that you can ride an e-bike down to the store for some groceries and still get a kick out of it. It gets much more enjoyable when you use a fat tire e-bike. These are electric bikes with the width of each tire measuring between 3" to around 5.2".

A multi-terrain beast, the KBO Tornado is an electric bike with some of the best features for adapting to different terrains on the fly. With tires much wider than the average, its sturdy aluminum frame is designed to last a lifetime of usage. A step-through version of the KBO Tornado is also available for elderly cyclists or those with specific mobility issues. This article explores the features of the multi-terrain electric bike KBO Tornado.

Features of the KBO Tornado

The KBO Tornado is a multi-terrain beast that can fulfill the off-roading requirements of most professional cyclists. A unique creation, this electric fat tire bike is equipped with many impressive features. These include the following:

Fat Tires

Whereas regular fat tire e-bikes measure around 3" in width, the KBO Tornado comes with 26" x 4" tires. The aim of the fat tires is for you to ride the e-bike in varying unfavorable road conditions with relative ease. The wider tires cover more surface area, reducing the pressure between the ground and the tire. This increases the level of grip and traction you enjoy on the e-bike. With the superior traction of the KBO Tornado on snowy and muddy roads, you can ride through all the year's seasons.

Long-range Battery

If you especially love going on long-distance trips, the KBO Tornado is prepacked with a battery capacity that is enough to power your long-range riding. This electric bike is equipped with a powerful 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery that can adequately support the usage of pedal assist throughout your ride. As long as you keep the battery full before riding, you can enjoy a range of up to 45 miles on a single complete charge using pure electric power. With such a battery range, you can switch to throttle use to stay in motion after getting too tired to continue pedaling.

a man standing next to KBO Tornado Electric Fat Tire Bike KBO Tornado Electric Fat Tire Bike comes with a ton of features.KBO Tornado

Hub Motor

The motor is another vital member of the pedal-assist system in an e-bike. If you live in an area with incredibly hilly or rough roads, an electric bicycle with a powerful motor is necessary to help you engage those steep inclines. The KBO Tornado can help you with its powerful 750W brushless geared hub motor, making your acceleration much faster as you tackle uphill off-roading. Instead of exerting all your energy on such roads, the KBO Tornado outputs enough power to support your required assist level.


The step-thru option for riding is one of the simple innovations enjoyed by cyclists of all ages. Step-thru e-bikes tend to omit the top tube that passes from under the seat to the middle of the handlebars. This omission lets you get on your electric bike without ever bending it over first. The KBO Tornado provides a step-thru version for all riders to enjoy, depending on your preference. Whether step-thru or step-over, we offer both at the same price on our site.

Derailleur System

Shimano makes some of the best derailleur systems in the world. It is only fair that a high-quality product like ours enjoys the benefit of manufacturing by the best. The KBO Tornado uses a Shimano 6-speed derailleur system to deliver a smooth e-biking experience on almost any terrain. This gear shifter is designed to adapt to different terrains on the fly.

Removable Rear Rack

The rear rack is a part of the electric bike for carrying your kids and pets or ferrying your luggage and groceries. The rear rack on the KBO Tornado is designed to be balanced enough for you to enjoy smooth rides, whether camping or commuting with your load. The rear rack is designed for the Tornado Step-thru fat tire e-bike and has enough space for about 55 lbs of stuff. It is built with aluminum for durability, and you can remove it if you don't have anything to haul yet.

Extra Features

The KBO Tornado has numerous additional features that help you enjoy a premium riding experience. Whether you use the step-thru or step-over option, these features are useful when enjoying your bike rides. They include the following:

  • USB Charging Port: A USB charging port is also provided apart from the e-bike charger designed to help reduce the time spent charging between rides. With this, you can quickly charge your phone if you need to use Google Maps or make calls.
  • LED Display: this multifunctional tool is like a riding assistant that keeps track of information regarding your trips. Riding statistics like battery information, distance covered, and more are available on this backlit interface.
  • Larger Saddle: unlike regular fat tire e-bikes, the seat of the KBO Tornado is designed wider for increased comfort. This is particularly enjoyed on long-distance trips where you ride for longer and could hurt your butt and thighs.
  • Smart Charger: like all our e-bikes, the KBO Tornado is prepacked with a charger that can get your battery powered up in no time. It is a quick and smart 48V 3Amp charger designed to juice up your e-bike in the shortest time possible.


The KBO Tornado is another of our offerings for enjoying smoother rides for longer. A perfect off-roading beast, it is designed with several outstanding features. This e-bike is prepacked with accessories that enhance your e-biking experience. When you shop on our site, you can get the step-thru and step-over versions at the same price.

To improve the quality of your cycling experience, we include for free the KBO Tornado rear rack, full fenders, and multifunctional bicycle 16-in-1 repair toolkit. With these e-bike accessories, you can begin enjoying better off-roading adventures. Have fun cycling!

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