Drone Racers Rev Rotors For Liberty Cup

Drone Racers Rev Rotors For Liberty Cup

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Liberty Cup Drone racing is back on track for this Wednesday after rain delayed the first ever Liberty Cup, one of the qualifying races for the US Drone Nationals, set for next weekend on New York City's Governors Islands. Yes, it's too late to sign-up the preliminary race. But you can watch from New Jersey's Liberty Science Center where more than 100 mini-quadcopters will race four rounds to win one of the three spots for the national race. Drone racing has evolved far beyond just a niche market—or at least the sport is trying. ESPN is covering the drone race next weekend, and you can still get free tickets here—or $10 tickets to hand trackside. (See? Don't say we don't love you.)

Gear VR Duo Samsung may be presenting its new Note 7 at tomorrow press event in New York. But what everyone's really excited about is the next generation Samsung Gear. Gear VR 2 is expected to work with the Note 7 smartphone—but also, potentially, the Galaxy S6, which would be a relief to owners who don't have to upgrade to use the next generation VR headset—which is rumored to be released this month. (Via Nowhereelse)

Apple Watch 2 More rumors are knocking around for the next iteration of the Apple Watch.DigiTimes says the Apple Watch 2 will have just one touch glass screen, rather than the two that appear over the current watch. DigiTimes appears to be quoting the touch panel maker TPK Holding which manufacturers the panels, which also notes that the device should launch in the second half of this year.

Tesla Blames Brakes Tesla blames the fatal crash involving its Tesla S in May on its braking system, and not its Autopilot function. The carmaker believes the automatic brakes did not kick in during the crash, saying that is not the same system as Autopilot. Tesla has continued to be staunching supportive of its Autopilot program even as it lost one its partners, Mobileye, late last month. (Via The New York Times)

Best Android VR Headsets Want to know the best VR headset for your Android smartphone? We have a solid selection for what we think works with kids, and even a pair so small it'll slip right into your pocket.

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