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MeatStick 4X Smart Meat Thermometer Review

See how this smart meat thermometer with 4 sensors cooks your meat perfectly everytime.

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When looking for a smart meat thermometer, these smart kitchen devices come with wires or work on a wireless connection. They work on either a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and connect to a free app that you use to monitor the cooking process. We have found through testing that many smart meat thermometers come with one or two sensors. One sensor monitors the temperature of your meat or fish, and the other measures the ambient temperature inside your oven or BBQ. We recently tested a smart meat thermometer with four sensors built-in to the meat thermometer and were impressed with its performance. Here is our review of The MeatStick 4X smart meat thermometer with Xtender built-in.

What is The MeatStick 4X Smart Meat Thermometer?

a photo of The MeatStick 4X Kit unboxed on a tableThe MeatStick 4X Smart Meat Thermometer with Xtender KitGearBrain

The MeatStick 4X Smart Meat Thermometer is a culinary game-changer that redefines precision in cooking with its cutting-edge features. It comes with Next-Gen True Temperature Quad Sensors to help it set itself apart from other smart meat thermometers. MeatStick 4X has three internal temperature sensors covering a range of 32-212°F and one ambient sensor for broader measurements between 32-572°F. This advanced sensor technology ensures unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to master the art of cooking with confidence.

Built for durability and versatility, the MeatStick 4X boasts the patented Dual-Shell design, making it deep-fry, sous-vide, and dishwasher safe. This innovative construction ensures that the thermometer stands up to the rigors of various cooking methods, providing a reliable and long-lasting tool for your culinary adventures.

With a staggering 650ft range extension using the Xtender built-in MeatStick 4X Charger, you can roam and monitor your cooking from a distance. This feature provides convenience and allows you to multitask without compromising the accuracy of your temperature readings. Whether hosting a backyard barbecue or preparing a feast in the kitchen, the MeatStick 4X keeps you in control from afar.

Say goodbye to the anxiety of constantly checking your meat thermometer. The MeatStick 4X boasts an impressive 70+ hours of long-lasting battery life, ensuring it stays with you throughout your extended cooking sessions. This extended battery life is a testament to MeatStick's commitment to reliability and efficiency, allowing you to focus on perfecting your culinary creations without interruptions.

The MeatStick 4X is not just a thermometer; it's a smart cooking companion. The intuitive MeatStick App, compatible with iOS, Apple Watch, and Android devices, puts you in command. The app provides real-time temperature monitoring, allowing you to track the progress of your dish with precision. The CookTime Smart Alerts feature takes the guesswork out of cooking, notifying you when your food reaches the desired temperature and ensuring consistently delicious results.

MeatStick App

MeatStick App showing how to insert thermometer

MeatStick app


Use the MeatStick app to help you insert the smart meat thermometer correctly.

MeatStick App

Select type of cooking you plan to do in the app

MeatStick app


The MeatStick app will help guide you on cooking the perfect meat. Just select the tyep of cooking your plan to do and it will help setting the smart thermometer.

MeatStick App

Screen shot of MeatStick app from a past cook

MeatStick app


Monitor the cooking process in the MeatStick app. You can monitor each sensor and time spent cooking.

Convenience meets accessibility with the MeatStick 4X Charger. Featuring a magnetic back, the charger provides easy access, allowing you to charge your smart meat thermometer effortlessly. Powered by two AA batteries (not included), the charger is a reliable and energy-efficient component that keeps your MeatStick 4X ready for action whenever culinary inspiration strikes.

How to set up and use The MeatStick 4X.

a screenshot of MeatStick app Quick Start GuideUse Quick Start Guide in MeatStick app to set up your cooking with MeatStick 4GearBrain

Setting up your MeatStick 4X Smart Meat Thermometer is relatively easy. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Unboxing and Charging: Carefully unbox your MeatStick 4X Smart Meat Thermometer. Ensure that all components, including the thermometer, the Xtender charger, and any accompanying accessories, are in good condition. Nest, you need to get two AA batteries to power up your Xtender charger, which is used to charge the meat thermometer. Batteries are not included in the purchase. Insert the batteries into the charger, following the polarity indicators. Attach the MeatStick 4X to the Xtender charger. Allow the thermometer to charge until it reaches a sufficient battery level. A fully charged MeatStick 4X provides an impressive 70+ hours of battery life.
  2. Download the MeatStick App and Pair Thermometer: Visit the App Store (for iOS and Apple Watch users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users) to download the MeatStick App. Install the app on your preferred device. Open the MeatStick App and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your MeatStick 4X with your smartphone or smartwatch. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device to establish a seamless connection. Once the app is installed and your device is paired, turn on the MeatStick 4X by removing it from the Xtender charger. The app should automatically detect the thermometer. Confirm the connection in the app to establish communication between your device and the MeatStick 4X. Now, you can use the thermometer on any meat or fish you plan to cook.
  3. How to cook with the MeatStick 4X: Insert the MeatStick probe(s) into your meat. The probe(s) are equipped with Next-Gen True Temperature Quad Sensors for accurate readings. Ensure the probe is inserted into the thickest part of the meat without touching the bone for precise temperature measurements. You're ready to start cooking with the MeatStick 4X in place and connected to the app. Set your desired temperature and cooking preferences within the MeatStick App. The app provides real-time temperature updates and alerts you when your food reaches the perfect doneness. It also provides CookTime Smart Alerts, a guided cook list, and Cook Notes for iOS devices only. Sorry, Android users. All these features are designed to help prevent over/undercooking with real-time monitoring.
  4. Monitor from a Distance: One of the excellent features of the MeatStick 4X is how far the wireless connection works when cooking. The MeatStick 4X has an impressive 650-foot range extension when using the Xtender charger. This allows you to monitor your cooking from a distance, giving you the flexibility to attend to other tasks while ensuring your food is perfectly cooked. This is an excellent feature when hosting a party, and you want to mingle while you cook.
  5. Cleaning and Storage: After use, clean the MeatStick probe(s) with warm, soapy water. The Dual-Shell High Durability design ensures the thermometer is deep-fry, sous-vide, and dishwasher safe. Store your MeatStick 4X in a cool, dry place when not in use.

a photo of MeatStick 4X with charging caseMeatStick 4X comes with wireless charging caseGearBrain

How much does The MeatStick 4X cost?

The MeatStick 4X Set comes with a smart meat thermometer and Xtender charger. It has a list price of $124.99 and is available on the company website, Amazon, and a few other home online retailers. And depending on the time of year, you can expect to see deals on the MeatStick 4X. For the 2023 holiday season, the company offers 25% off for one and up to 35% off for three or more.

The company does offer the MeatStick 4, which is the MeatStick 4X, but with a limited range. It has quad sensors and a portable charging case. However, it is less expensive ($94.99) and has a range of 164 feet using only Bluetooth. The 4X has 650 feet and works on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (2.4 GH) connections. If you don't need the long-range for cooking, the MeatStick 4 is a good option. It's the same smart meat thermometer with four sensors but with only Bluetooth. And when compared to other smart meat thermometers, it is priced competitively. The Meater Plus is very similar and costs $99.95 but has a range of 165 feet and only two temperature sensors.

Performance - How did the MeatStick 4X do when testing?

This smart meat thermometer did quite well. We tested in two places: our backyard and at the beach. Both places had the BBQ about 100 feet from the kitchen, where we sat while cooking. The connectivity was good, and we had no issues with the setup process. We found the app to be very intuitive and full of data. We could see the elapsed and remaining times, which was helpful when preparing the other food for dinner. It also came in handy when we were trying to cook for a few people who liked their meat cooked to different temperature readings; for example, one person wanted their meat rare while another wanted medium. The detailed temperature readings helped keep us on track. We have not seen them in other smart meat thermometer apps.

When setting the target before placing the meat on the grill, we found this process simple to follow. And I like how we could revisit past cooks and use those settings again. This saved us some time. However, the overall app experience was a little challenging when compared to other smart meat thermometer apps we used. For some, this might be overkill, while individuals who are more experienced chefs might like all the data it can provide during the cooking process.

MeatStick 4x inserted in the meatWe tested the MeatStick 4X in the oven and on the grill. Here, we inserted inside a Filet Mignon.GearBrain

Also, we like MeatStick's ability to cook in one place and monitor everything from our house or cabana, which was excellent. This came in handy on those cold winter days when you want to BBQ outside. It is also helpful when at the beach, and the grill is a distance from where you are sitting or, in our case, our cabana. The long-range wireless connectivity was helpful.

Overall, the cooking experience was good, and I can see how the MeatStick 4X could be helpful to first-time cooks who want to impress their guests by cooking the meat to perfection for all. Also, we like how you can use The MeatStick in any cooking setup. Besides ovens and grills, users can use MeatStick 4 in an air fryer, smoker, stove top, sous vide, and deep fried.

a photo of MeatStick inserted in a steak on the grillThe MeatStick makes an excellent gift for grandparents who like to cook. GearBrain


The MeatStick 4X Smart Meat Thermometer is a culinary marvel that marries innovation with practicality. With Next-Gen True Temperature Quad Sensors, Dual-Shell High Durability, a remarkable 650-foot wireless connection range, extended battery life, and app-controlled precision, this smart meat thermometer can transform your cooking experience. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook looking to elevate your culinary skills inside the home or outside, the MeatStick 4X is the tool to ensure perfect results every time.


  • Long wireless connection range
  • Quad temperature sensors
  • Use both indoors and outdoors
  • Works on grills, stove tops, oven, sous vide, smoker, air and deep fryer


  • Need Extender to use Wi-Fi connection
  • Need open grill for extended range connection
  • The app interface is not as easy to use as other smart meat thermometer apps.
  • Bluetooth signal not as strong as Wi-Fi connection

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