At MIT, Students Will Take Mini-Cart Rides To Class Next Year
Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company

At MIT, Students Will Take Mini-Cart Rides To Class Next Year

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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Student Traffic Some students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are going to be hailing electric vehicles this fall—taking them from one class to another this fall. The cars, provided by Ford, are part of a joint research project between the motor company and MIT to see how to eventually weave autonomous traffic in pedestrian areas on campus—and add to the research on self-driving vehicles. Students will be able to call for the cars via an app, and the vehicles will be studied as they move across the school from sensors. Let's see how quickly one of these cars get adopted.

Tesla 3 Is a Go Elon Musk says the Tesla 3 design is locked down. Tesla Motors is set to start building its $35,000, lower-end electric car model this summer. Ordered one yet? We know quite a few of you have. (Via Bloomberg)

Pokémon Plus Delayed Didn't even know there was a Pokémon GO wearable? That's probably good, since you're not getting one until September. What is Pokémon Plus? A $34.99 device that you can put on your wrist and help you catch those wild Pokémon. Originally, the wearable was supposed to be available this week. But now Nintendo says that going to be this fall, according to their Twitter account. So keep stocking up on those Poké Balls people. (Via Tech Crunch)

Land of Wearables So when you buy that Pokémon Plus, you'll be part of the 29 percent of Americans who are expected to done wearable devices by 2021—just five years from now. So says research firm Forrester, which notes that sales will leap from $4.2 billion in 2015 to $9.8 billion in 2021.

Fitness Tracker Guide Still just can't decide which fitness tracker works for you? Well, if you have about one minute (yep, really) we have a video guide that we think will help you narrow your choices whether you need a heart tracker or something waterproof. Seriously—you know you have one minute to upgrade your workouts.

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